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Live Review: Dildariyaan, Punjabi Film

Live Review of Punjabi Film Dildariyaan, starring Jassi Gill, Sagarika Ghatge. Directed by Pankaj Batra.

5:15 PM
Welcome to the Live Review of Punjabi Film Dildariyaan. We are visiting a multiplex in Chandigarh for an evening show of the movie.
5:25 PM
As far as I can remember its the same Audi where I saw Rangeelay, Zanjeer, Jatt Airways and Faraar.
5:26 PM
And we all know the fate of those films at the box office. Wishing its not the same for this Pankaj Batra film.
5:30 PM
It’s an evening show on the first day, still there are 8 people in the Audi including yours truly.
5:32 PM
As far as the buzz for the film goes, the makers lost all the steam the day they decided to push the film ahead by 3 weeks.
5:33 PM
For some so called technical reasons best know to them.
5:35 PM
8/352 is the occupancy and the trailers have begun.The rate is about 2.3% if my Math is correct.
5:37 PM
9 more people and now we are 17 here. To suffer? Whatever it may be, the rate goes up to 5 percent now. We’ll tell you the next and final occupancy at the half time.
5:40 PM
And now we are all set to watch Jassi Gill’s fourth film. Its U certified and has a running time of 116 minutes.
5:40 PM
It’s a DP Battalion Entertainment and Yuvika Films presentation.
5:41 PM
His name is now Jassie Gill as per the credits.
5:44 PM
Guggu Gill plays Ajmer Singh Sidhu from Rahimgarh. And he’s got a somewhat dashing entry.
5:45 PM
Sagarika Ghatge gets to match fire with fire on an equal stage with Guggu Gill.
5:46 PM
She plays Pali, daughter of Guggu Gill.
5:47 PM
Her voice is dubbed and doesn’t suit her face.
5:49 PM
Binnu Dhillon is the conductor and gets his DDLJ moment on screen.
5:49 PM
And it’s ruined.
5:51 PM
Enters Jassi Gill. Same old hairstyle and stuff.
5:52 PM
There’s a brief Chamkila moment aned the audience welcomes it with hooting.
5:54 PM
There’s a dialogue – Jutti na lei laa main Fazilka di. So my hometown gets a mention in films. It doesn’t happen usually.
5:56 PM
15 minutes into the film and its a weak start considering Pankaj Batra last made Goreyaan Nu Daffa Karo.
6:00 PM
I can’t understand something here. Sagarika Ghatge is a misfit in this character. If the requirement was of a Desi Girl who can speak Punjabi of Malwa belth then why get her from Bombay and get her voice dubbed in such a way that it doesn’t match her face and personality.
6:06 PM
I mean she pronounces IELTS as Aai Let. Purpose as Purpoj and many more.
6:06 PM
It’s great to see Karamjeet Anmol after long. He looks in good touch and has some jokes.
6:07 PM
Like I’m with the CM and we’re decident wether to gie water to Haryana or not.
6:08 PM
Film is gathering some momentum now. Some good and fresh jokes.
6:11 PM
Binnu Dhillon is here again. Now in the IELTS class.
6:11 PM
He refers to IELTS Bands as Vaaje. Says kinne ku Vaaje a jaan ge tere?
6:16 PM
This one gathering momentum with each passing scene after a very weak start.
6:18 PM
Songs when they are not good are considered as barriers especially when the film has just started to build the interest of the audience.
6:19 PM
Sagarika is looking pretty in every scene. Her costumes, the Punjabi suits portray her as a perfect mutiyaar from Bathinda. But the only problem is her voice. Has that been better, it would’ve been a great debut.
6:21 PM
Karamjit Anmol plays Pardhan and is using Elante Mall and Buggi in his jokes in every scene.
6:00 PM
Jassie Gill’s other friend is called Scootery. He’s the same guy who played Guggu Gill’s son in RSVP.
6:28 PM
Jassie Gill plays the character of Parwaan Gill in the film.
6:30 PM
It’s time for some duet action. Kaur B and Jassi Gill’s song Ghagre Di Lau is here.
6:39 PM
Surprise! Surprise! Its interval time and guess who’s there in the film?
6:40 PM
Well we won’t reveal it. But for a hint – He’s Jassie Gill’s best friend and another singer.
7:14 PM
So far second half has been going smoothly. It’s not as funny as the first half but watchable.
7:16 PM
Looks like the film is going to exceed our expectations. Frankly we didn’t had any after watching this one, looks like a watchable film.
7:27 PM
The film is heading towards its climax and the heoine is falling for our hero Jassie Gill.
7:35 PM
Considering Pankaj Batra made GNDK, a lot was expected out of this flick. But after seeing the trailer we felt there was nothing much new in this one worth waiting.
7:36 PM
Also the film got delayed by 3 weeks, which somehow lessened the buzz for this one due to which the opening numbers should be on the lower side.
7:36 PM
After watching the film, we feel that it is enjoyable and a one time watch. Just bear for the 1st 10-15 minutes and you start to enjoy the jokes just because they are fresh ones.
7:37 PM
Overall, Dildariyaan is neat & clean film which can be enjoyed by all members of the family together.
7:37 PM
We rate the film as follows:
Acting: 3/5, Direction: 3.5/5, Script:1.5/5, Music: 2/5. Overall 2.5/5.

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