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Live Review: Kaptaan, Punjabi Movie

11.18 AM
Welcome to the Live Review of #Kaptaan starring Gippy Grewal, Karishma Kotak, Monica Gill. We are covering this film from a Multiplex in Chandigarh.
11.19 AM
There are roughly 50-55 people in the show and I can see more and more people walking in every second. The film shall begin in 5 minutes after the commercials.
11.19 AM
Gippy Grewal’s last few films as an actor haven’t met the sort of expectations he would have wanted. Here’s our piece on that:Is Gippy Grewal’s Star Power fading?
11.20 AM
Kaptaan marks the re-union of Mandeep Kumar with his Jihne Mera Dil Lutiya actor, Gippy Grewal.
11.21 AM
The running time of the film is 142 minutes
11.25 AM
Okay. So here begins the film. It starts off with a bit off a suspense. Should be interesting.
11.27 AM
We get to see our hero Gippy Grewal after a gap of 9-10 months on screen. He has a poster of Sunny Deol from Damini on his wall in the room. He plays an Advocate in the film.
11.28 AM
There is Kanwaljit Singh as well playing the role of a judge. He returns to Punjabi Cinema after I don’t remember how many years. Great to have him back.
11.29 AM
Umang Sharma plays Captain’s assistant – Balli. He looks good through.
11.31 AM
Gippy looks in fine form as an actor this time around. I just hope the film is a good one. It’s started on a fine note and hope the momentum carries on.
11.29 AM
Pankaj Dheer plays Advocate Dhillon who is a top notch Advocate.
11.32 AM
The 5-7 minute narrative of Childhood is a perfect example of good direction. The way of telling the background/flashback is quite unique and looks great. It looks somewhat like he song Humko Maloom Hai from Jaan-e-mann which released in 2006.
11.35 AM
Karishma Kotak enters the scene along with Monika Gill. Karishma makes her debut and Monika shot Kaptaan before Ambarsariya so technically it’s her first film.
11.37 AM
Time for some singing and dancing. Redua song now. Enjoy the song with Full Lyrics
11.39 AM
Daljinder Basran plays Sukhdev Singh in the film. He plays the protagonist in the film. He was last seen in Punjab 1984 as the Hawaldar Mangat Ram.
11.43 AM
There is Prince KJ Singh as well. He plays Karma who is Kaptaan’s senior in Law College and now a Dhabha owner. Karishma Kotak plays Sam and Monica plays Preeti. Preeti is a NGO owner and Sam is a rich NRI who happens to be Kaptaan’s love interest
11.51 AM
So far the film is going good and interesting. The Screnplay is pretty intense and gripping. The film looks good as of now.
12.09 PM
Another things that has impressed me is the characterisation in the film. All the characters have been aptly chosen for their roles.
12.21 PM
Nobody acts better in a drunk scene better than Gippy Grewal. I think the the writing team purposely adds it in every film because he is just superb at it.
12.34 PM
It’s Interval time and the platform has been laid for a gripping 2nd half which is going to be full of court room drama. I can see around 75-80 people in Normal seats and 8 people in Gold Class. Decent occupancy for a morning show.
12.35 PM
First half has been solid and the performances have been great. Last time I was a good Gippy Grewal film, it was way back in April of 2014 in the form of Jatt James Bond. After that it’s just been Double Di Trouble, Faraar and Second Hand Husband.
12.37 PM
Among the 2 actresses – Monika has had to do some scenes whereas Karishma Kotak has been limited to just 2 scenes and a song.
12.38 PM
Coming to the supporting cast- Pankaj Dheer has been on top alongside Daljinder Basran and above them is Umang Sharma, the winner of Laughter Di Shaan. Wikipedia tells me that he had a brief role in Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo. This one should be a game changer for him though.
12.43 PM
Here begins the 2nd half after some boring commercials. I wonder if people actually remember what they saw in the hall except the movie.
And Advocate Kaptaan Singh Grewal looks confident enough to win the case.
12.55 PM
The court room drama has begun and Kaptaan Singh has just tasted reality.
1.05 PM
Kaptaan now seeks advice of his father who has been an experienced and honest advocate during his days. The father and son haven’t been on the same page throughout the film and are now getting along.
1.08 PM
26-26 song now in between to cool down the audience after a hearing court room argument. Time to lighten some mood for a while now.
1.08 PM
26-26 released just 3 days back and here are the lyrics of the song/div>

1.11 PM
TIPS coming in as producers, they bring in enormous amount of production value. There is no compromise on crowd costing and other aspects of production value.
1.25 PM
The truth has been revealed but it’s just remaining to be proved in the court of law. So far so good.
1.29 PM
A regulation action sequence on the way where the goons are beating up the hero in order to stop him from reaching the court.
1.32 PM
Beating all odds the hero has entered the court and let’s see how the finale goes.
1.44 PM
Intense high pitched finale is happening.
1.51 PM
At last No prizes for guessing who wins the case.
It was an all round heated up argument.
1.52 PM
Any guesses on which girl gets Kaptaan – Is it Sam or is it Preeti?
1.55 PM
Ni main Oscar dinda tere lakk nu.. Time for Oscar now with the end credits.
2.00 PM
All right folks, that concludes the Live Review of Kaptaan. We give the film 3.5 stars. Watch out for the full review.

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