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LIVE REVIEW: Nikka Zaildar, Punjabi Movie

Live Review of Punjabi Film Nikka Zaildar starring Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa.

7:41 PM
Welcome to the Live Review of Nikka Zaildar. The film featured Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa & others and is directed by Simerjit Singh of Angrej fame.
7:42 PM
The running time of the film is 135 minutes
7:43 PM
The film is probably the last big Punjabi release of the year if you exclude Chaar Sahibazaade 2. And I don’t count Lock as a big film.
7:43 PM
Who knows Aatishbaazi Ishq or Lakeeran or Sardar Saab may surprise us!
7:43 PM
Now the film is about to begin!
7:44 PM
The trailer of Roshan Prince, Major Gill starrer Aatishbaazi Ishq is attached with the film.
7:45 PM
The Opening Credits open with the Title Track sung by Karamjit Anmol. The number is peppy
7:51 PM
The film opens with an Animated Version of Ammy Virk. He introduces the film. Ammy Virk is the son of a Zaildar, hence he is called the Nikka Zaildar.
7:54 PM
And here enters Sonam Bajwa. She plays a college student in the film and even Ammy is a college student in the film.
7:55 PM
7:57 PM
Okay the start is really funny but we haven’t seen any plot
7:57 PM
Ammy Virk is suffering from ‘Pinkeria’ in the film where everything he sees is Pink in colour and his friend call it Pinkeria.
7:59 PM
Ammy is called Yadwinder Singh aka Nikka in the film.
7:59 PM
Gitanjali Gill of Nabar fame is also there in the film. She plays Sonam Bajwa’s friend in the film.
8:01 PM
Sonam plays Manraaj Kaur in the film.
8:04 PM
Nikka has 2 friends in the film: Bhola (Karamjit Anmol) and Gapp (Baninderjit Singh)
8:07 PM
Time for some romance. Akh by Ammy Virk now. Composed by Jatinder Shah. Check it out here
8:08 PM
Okay folks, the director has chosen to ease the mood of the audience in the opening 20 minutes. The plot hasn’t been revealed at all till now. It’s just been funny sequences.
8:09 PM
Nikka is in love with Manraaj, who is new to the college and is putting all out efforts to vow her.
8:15 PM
Harby Sangha is also there in the film. He has only one job: To make us laugh.
8:17 PM
⁠⁠⁠Nirmal Rishi plays Nikka’s grandmother and is famously called Zaildarni in the pind.
8:17 PM
And guess what: We know who Shanti is??? But I won’t reveal it
8:19 PM
Nirmal Ji’s character is very loud and something different from her usual stuff. She delivered a standout performance in Love Punjab last and this could be next.
8:26 PM
Believe me folks. The film is funny. The punches are fresh. The comic sequences are new and not same old.
8:29 PM
Punjabi Cinema is using some really good child actors. Even here we’ve got a brilliant child actor.
8:34 PM
Now it seems like the Plot is about to roll. There was a lot of silence maintained about the plot of the film. Let’s see how it pans out now.
8:40 PM
And here’s the time for a twist. And seems like this will be Interval.
8:47 PM
The film has started after the interval.
8:48 PM
Sonia Kaur plays Sonam Bajwa’s sister in the film.
8:48 PM
Now pls don’t expect any updates on the storyline at least
8:52 PM
Nirmal Rishi is way too loud in the film. Maybe her character demands that being a Zaildarni but I felt it is way too loud.
8:54 PM
And there’s Nisha Bano in the film.
9:10 PM
Ammy Virk has that innocence on his face. Any girl would fall for him.
9:10 PM
And Sonam Bajwa is that One Girl who is as gorgeous as anything and this time she’s acted better than before
9:11 PM
Romance shooting up now. Seems like we will have a Romantic song now.
9:12 PM
And as I was typing, here comes Happy Raikoti’s Mainu Pata Sab Hai’ composed by Jatinder Shah. Filmed in the scenic beauty of Leh Ladakh.
9:13 PM
Cheers to Patiala Motion Pictures for leaving no stone unturned in making this one a big project
9:30 PM
And we’re moving into the last thirty minutes of the film.
9:31 PM
The climax should be a long one.
9:32 PM
It’s almost a must have for any Rom Com in the last 30 minutes. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about the sad song!!!!! Time for Prabhjot Gill’s Bach Naiyo Sakda now.
9:5 PM
To conclude with the Live Review, the film was good (In Parts). It’s a one time watch entertainer. Wait for the Full Review, which will be posted tonight.

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