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Live Review: Qissa Panjab, Punjabi Film

Live Review of Punjabi Film Qissa Panjab starring Preet Bhullar, Kul Sidhu, Dheeraj Kumar, Jagjeet Singh, Aman Dhaliwal and Harshjot Kaur. Directed by Jatinder Mauhar.

12:42 PM
Welcome to the Live Review of Punjabi Film Qissa Panjab. We are visiting a multiplex in Chandigarh for a noon show.
12:44 PM
And it’s again the same Audi where I saw Dildariyaan and a few other films I mention the last time around.
12:44 PM
But I have a few expectations from this film. Lets see how ihe film fares.
12:45 PM
Talking about the occupancies: There are a total of 4 people in the Audi at the moment.
12:46 PM
It’s an A certified film with a running time of just 99 minutes.
12:46 PM
This is Jatinder Mauhar’s third film as a Director. Preet Bhullar, Jagjeet Sandhu and Dheeraj Kumar’s second.
12:47 PM
It marks the debut of Aman Dhaliwal and Harshjot Kaur.
12:48 PM
Kul Sidhu also features in the film. She has done some good short films and has her first proper feature film. The film revolves around 6 characters from the same village
12:49 PM
Occupancy Levels: Add 2 more, we are now 6 people in an Audi which can accomodate 352.
12:57 PM
One by one all the characaters are being introuduced and their problems are being depicted.

12:58 PM
Quite a different film and an unusual yet interesting start for a Punjabi film.

01:01 PM
Dheeraj Kumar is introduced with the song Rutt Pyaar Di. He play a singer in the film. And belongs to Jalabad.

1:06 PM
The first few minutes of the movie are looking awesome. Looks like we are in for a good 99 minutes.

1:06 PM
The type of Punjabi language which has been used in the film is new and never seen before on screen.

1:17 PM
The film has been set in the peak foggy season.

1:18 PM
And for the information of our readers, the film is not based just on the drug menace.

1:18 PM
It highlights various problems going on in Punjab besides drugs. Umemployment of the youth, growing singers and less work for them, girl child education, snatching etc.

1:19 PM
Also there is not much or minimal background score usage. The director has kept the background sounds as realistic as possible.

1:21 PM
Kul Sidhu has a dialogue: "Ehna Glamour aaleya ne aadi theatre aaleya di mitti pees ke rakhti." Which is some sort of true.

1:22 PM
In the midst of all the problems faced by various characters comes a fitting song for their problems: Rog by Gurdas Mann.

1:33 PM
6 plots in the film are now connected to each other. Merging and becoming 3 plots. Deep and Arjun, Speed and Sukhjeet and Kismat and Heera.

1:39 PM
Time for Jinde Meriye by Nooran Sisters.

1:53 PM
Jagjeet Sandhu is impressive yet again after Rupinder Gandhi..the gangster. His one liners like Mainu Dhoo Dhoo ke kutiya are funny.

1:56 PM
It’s interval time and believe me the film has surpassed expectations. i was already expecting some good things but it’s all exceeded.

1:57 PM
This is a kind of film where an interval wasn’t required but had to be put forcefully due to the requirements of the cinemas. Let’s hope the momentum doesn’t fall after the interval.

2:05 PM
Yes I was right. The interval was forceful and had to be put in. The film starts and is at the same pace again.

2:06 PM
A good film does not need to rebuild its momentum.

2:17 PM
The problem for eyeryone have now deepened. And it all has a realistic look. Nothing filmy at all.

2:18 PM
Comes another good song by Manna Mand: Dilay taayin.

2:20 PM
Comes the first unexpected and surprising twist. You’ll hove to watch the film for this one.

6:19 PM
And the film ends. Many would call it unexpected ending. But that’s how it is.

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