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Live Review: Saadey CM Saab, Punjabi Movie

Live Review of Punjabi Movie Saadey CM Saab, starring Harbhajan Mann, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Kashish Singh, Rahul Singh and Dev Gill. Directed by Vipin Prasher.

09:10 AM
Welcome to the live review Saadey CM Sahab. A Harbhajan Mann film, which was earlier supposed to release last year (Oct 30, 2015), finally hits the screen today.
09:10 AM
Attendance: It’s a First Day First Show and we are watching the movie in a Chandigarh multiplex. And we roughly find 4 people in this show for now.
09:11 AM
The film is U/A certified and has a duration of 143 minutes.
09:12 AM
The film begins with Harbhajan Mann addressing the public and is called Yudhvir Singh Sidhu.
09:17 AM
Dev Singh Gill is Daman who is in the same party as Harbhajan Mann and is the baddie in the the film.
09:18 AM
Gurepreet Ghuggi and RAhul Sigh play friends of Harbhajan Mann.
09:19 AM
Well with great displeasure I announce that there are only 4 people in the show. Well it’s a 9 AM show but still the film didn’t have any amount of buzz behind it.
09:20 AM
Kashish Singh plays Harbhajan’s love interest in the film. This is her debut film as a solo lead. She has done a few small roles here and there in Punjabi films before
09:24 AM
The makers claim that the film has been shot at 60 different locations. Well that’s good becuase it would be the maximum locations for a Punjabi film in recent times.
09:25 AM
It’s been 20 minutes into the film and so far the start hasn’t been promising.
09:25 AM
Gurpreet Ghuggi is playing the role of Dimpy and Rahul Singh of Inder.
09:28 AM
Expressionless: Kashish Singh is showing no expression at all. She’s just carrying the same facial expression throughout. But let’s see if that changes.
09:29 AM
Harbhajan Mann is doing a Kevin Spacey here. Remember House of Cards!
09:30 AM
He’s talking to the audience like Frank Underwood does and tels what he’s going to do next.
09:31 AM
There’s Hobby Dhaliwal in the film as well.
09:33 AM
Less than 30 minutes into the film and here’s the second song.
09:34 AM
Makers don’t get the trick here. If your music is good, then surely take the liberty of adding songs at will but if you know that the music is not good then why waste 4 precious minutes and few lakhs of your budget.
09:35 AM
Earlier song was Sajna by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and this one is Chup Kar Ja
09:41 AM
No. Not again! 🙁 Turn for the title song, which is sung by Daler Mehndi.
09:44 AM
The film ain’t making any sense as of now. Around 40 minoutes and I haven’t seen a single convincing scene.
09:44 AM
The screenplay lacks the meat here. Probably that’s what happened when you appoint 4-5 writers to write your screenplay and dialogues.
09:46 AM
The makers have spent money very well which shows in the production value of the film but that money spent should make some sense in the film.
09:53 AM
I don’t want to say it just now but the director has failed to maintain the interest of the audience of the film shifting the story from one plot to aother.
09:58 AM
I shouldn’t say this but I don’t thinkthe director has done his research. I mean Yudhvir is about to become the CM of the state and he doensb’t ahve any security. When he goesto mee tthe people, he is just accompanied by 2 people. Does the CM candidate goes like that?
09:58 AM
We all know the know the convoy which escorts them all the time.
10:06 AM
Okay after being shot with a bullet on the arm Yudhvir has lost his memory. Never heard of that before. The logic given is that when he fell down after being shot, he got a head injury.
10:14 AM
All right folks! It’s Interval now!
10:18 AM
Trailer of Sardaarji 2 plays in the middle of Interval. You can watch it here.
10:24 AM
And the film begins again after interval. So far it has failed to impress in the first half.
10:26 AM
Usually there’s a battle for CM ship in between 2 parties but here it’s in between the single party where 2 members think they can be the CM so there’s a battle within
10:27 AM
So the film begins and it’s the polling time in 2 days time and Harbhajan Maan has lost his memory
10:48 AM
Romantic Song time now. Meri Vich Teri time now. Sung by Harbhajan Maan and Harshdeep Kaur.
10:52 AM
Dev Singh Gill, the baddie has acted in South Indian Movies. He makes his debut in Punjabi Film Industry with this film. And he’s just acting like a South Indian movie in this one. I think he’s forgetting that it’s a punjabi film. Here you need to act and not overact.
10:57 AM
And it’s an action sequence now where not Harbhajan but Ghuggi and Rahul Singh are fighting.
11:03 AM
The film was promoted as a political thriller. But I am sad to tell our readers that neither the film is a thriller nor is politics the main focus of the film.
11:05 AM
The director is to be blamed for all the mess which has been created here. He has failed to connect the events together and shifting focus from one plot to another.
11:09 AM
Okay so now begins the twist. We are into the last few minutes of the film. Expecting them to be high voltage drama where HM will recover his memory and become the CM of the state.
11:11 AM
Noooooooo. Not again please. Not another song now please! It’s Shera Da Raj now. The song which focuses on Dev Singh Gill – The baddie in the film. It’s a terrible song anyhow but if I am bearing the film, then the song is nothing when compared to it.
11:26 AM
11:35 AM
The film is ending. Yudhvir is the CM but they haven’t shown when did he get his memory back. Or maybe He never got and an unfit person is the CM. And with this the film ends. Phew!
11:40 AM
Okay the film has now come to an end finally. Frankly speaking, I was pretty excited for this one and that is why I chose the 9 AM show to watch this one. But I am very much disappointed, after watching the film. The film was promoted as a political film, where I expected the characters to play some political moves, convince people to vote for them, talk about the rising Punjab but Alas! nothing of that sorts here. Punjabi Mania rates the film 1 star. You can catch the full review in another 30 minutes time. Thank you for reading!


11:40 AM
So the Full Review is Online. Click Here to read the Full Review.

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