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Live Review: SardaarJi 2, Punjabi Movie

Live Review of Punjabi Film SardaarJi 2, starring Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa and Monica Gill. Directed by Rohit Jugraj.

09:30 AM
Welcome to the Live Review of Punjabi Film SardaarJi 2. We are watching a 10 o’clock show of the film from Jalalabad West, Punjab.
09:32 AM
For a fact, the film has got the biggest release with 2000 shows worldwide.
10:00 AM
Occupancy: There are 34 people in the Audi as I type this. Sardaarji which opened last year on the same weekend set an all time opening record. Let’s see if the second installment in the series can live upto the same hype and break the record or not.
10:03 AM
The film is U certified and is 145 minutes long. Diljit is called Jaggi Khoo Wala in the film and is an organic farmer in Punjab.
10:07 AM
Amritpal Chotu is there in the film who is the son of the Sarpanch and is a friend of Jaggi.
10:07 AM
Jaggi has been bestowed with the title of ‘Safal Kissan’ in the film by DD Punjabi.
10:13 AM
Local goons do not allow anyone to sell their veggies in the market and Jaggi is called to help the villagers.
10:11 AM
The much hyped double role sequence is about to arrive.
The double Sequence of Diljit Dosanjh in SardaarJi 2.
10:14 AM
And a small action sequence is followed by the title track.
>>>>> Lyrics and Video: SardaarJi 2 Title Track <<<<<
10:16 AM
There’s Anjana Sukhani in the film as well.
10:22 AM
Anjana plays a psychologist in the film. She’s a doctor of Indian origin in Australia.
10:22 AM
Jaggi tells her in a flashback of how he was forced to come to Australia due to the circumstances
10:24 AM
Looks like the film has a storyline
10:25 AM
And here’s the six pack ab scene.
10:35 AM
Diljit as always is superb in the film.
10:36 AM
Enters Monica Gill. This is her 3rd film in 90 days. Ambarsariya, Kaptaan and now SardaarJi 2. And she has dubbed her lines herself in the film.
10:37 AM
Okay folks: Let me break the ice for you. SardaarJi 2 looks like it has a story line unlike the prequel of this film. It’s not just a mashup of gimmicks.
10:39 AM
Param Oberoi, CEO of White Hill, does a cameo in the film.
10:40 AM
Coming to the characters: Monica is called Soni and Anjana is called Dr. Tina in the film.
10:42 AM
So Jaggi for his anger has been ordered Community Service in Australia. So he has to now sell icecreams in the country side.
10:45 AM
Jaggi is now the Ice Cream Man. it’s time for Desi Daru song. The song has been shot in Sydney.
10:49 AM
Yashpal Sharma is Teja Badmash in the film.
10:50 AM
This is his third Punjabi film after Jatt James Bond and Mukhtiar Chahda.
10:50 AM
Jaswinder Bhalla plays the Pathan and for the first time I see people laughing loudly in the film.
10:51 AM
The Pathan and Teja have a sort of Gangwar with earch other. And it’s a funny one obviously.
11:30 AM
The second half has begun and let’s see how it goes.
11:34 AM
Sonam is called Diljot in the film. It’s time for Razamand song now.
11:34 AM
The song is shot beautifully in the country side around Sydney.
11:35 AM
I must compliment White Hill Production for the tremendous production design and production value of the film.

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