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Live Review: Super Singh, Punjabi Movie

Live Review of Punjabi Film Super Singh, starring Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa, directed by Anurag Singh.

Spoiler Alert: Parts of this live review may reveal the storyline of the film.
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10:00 AM
Welcome to the Live Review of Punjabi Film Super Singh. We are watching a 10 o’clock show of the film from Jalalabad West, Punjab.
10:00 AM
Welcome to the Live Review of Punjabi Film Super Singh. We are watching a 10 o’clock show of the film from Jalalabad West, Punjab.
10:05 AM
Anurag Singh returns to direction after a period of 3 years. He has been missed by the Punjabi Audience.
10:10 AM
The film opens with the beautiful locales of India.
10:11 AM
We see a few people with guns, probably the villains, looking for a Pagg.
10:16 AM
There is Pawan Malhotra in the film as well. He is playing the role of a fakir (Saint) in the film. He runs an ashram in a village.
10:20 AM
Here comes Diljit Dosanjh and as usual he is funny. The jokes are fresh too.
10:22 AM
We are treated with the first song from the film: Glorious Gallan. The song comes 15 minutes into the film. Diljit/Anurag films usually begin with a song.
10:23 AM
Glorious Galla is a peppy number and features Alexandra Bandean, a Montreal based actress and Model alongside Diljit.
10:25 AM
Here comes Sonam Bajwa, she is called Twinkle aka Fattu Dhinga! Also Diljit’s known as Sajjan Singh aka Dadd Majri in the film.
10:26 AM
Diljit now calls himself Sam and doesn’t like to be called Sajjan Singh.
10:27 AM
The chemistry between Diljit and Sonam reminds me of Jatt and Juliet days, Diljit and Neeru.
Although it’s hard to replace Neeru but Sonam is trying to fit in her boots.
10:31 AM
Most of the actors in the film are relatively new or unknown.
10:34 AM
Many dialogues in the film are in English. Although they come with Punjabi Subtitles but it may affect the experience of Punjabi Audience.
10:37 AM
So now there is a Rugby match. Diljit is wearing the Pagg with Superpowers. He is playing the match to woo Cathy who he loves dearly.
10:42 AM
The film has started on a good note. It is entertaining till now. Though it’s been predictable and a thin storyline but that’s what Superhero films are.
10:44 AM
Super Singh may have been promoted as a Superhero Film. But I can see some situations inspired from films like Koi Mil Gaya and Namastey London.
10:46 AM
Diljit’s punchline in the film is: “Ik taan main Anrej, te Uttoon Ironman”. The last word (Ironman) is changed according to the situation
10:49 AM
On a blunt note: Till now the film seems to be dragged and pointless. No doubt it’s funny, but sometimes it can work against too.
10:49 AM
Time for the second song of the film: Ho Gaya Talli.
10:51 AM
Sonam Bajwa’s flat and expressionless acting isn’t doing any good. Looks like she can’t replace Neeru Bajwa so far.
10:53 AM
Worth a Mention: One noted Film Journalist has pointed out Super Singh’s poor initial performance at box office. A typical Diljit film has sold out shows, but this film has cinema halls poorly occupied with an exception of one two shows, he notes.
10:54 AM
Cinema Occupancy: Now since we are talking about the occupancy rates, the cinema where we are watching the show has total 11 people against the capacity of 200.
11:00 AM
One hour into the film, we are disappointed so far! The film so far is strictly average.
The name Anurag Singh brings big expectations, therefore the disappointment.
11:05 AM
The child actor who plays the role of Happy in the film is a fine actor.
11:09 AM
Diljit finally realises that the power lies in the Pagg. Hope the fun begins now.
11:11 AM
Ikk taan main Singh utton…… Shaktimaan! Bulletproof! ATM! Kabootar! and the list goes on.
11:16 AM
Happy: the child actor is making more sense than Diljit in the film, he names him Super Singh and designs his costume.
11:18 AM
Truth be told: The VFX used in film for the flying visuals are poor. But you can’t blame me, I just saw Wonder Woman 2 days ago.
11:19 AM
Time for the next: Super Singh Ji Aaya
11:22 AM
Interval: First half has been pretty average on the story part but high on the fun element for the first few mintues. #NotImpressedSoFar
11:30 AM
Second half begins! Some goons have entered the grocery store and Super Singh prevents the robbery. That’s the first thing probably every superhero does. An easy opening mission.
11:32 AM
A very funny sequence where a Punjabi Aunty treats a superhero like a kid.
11:36 AM
Diljit’s mother in the film says, if you can’t be Super Singh at least wash the dishes.
11:41 AM
The people who want the Pagg have now reached Canada and know who Super Singh is.

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