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Live Review: Vaapsi, Punjabi Movie

Live Review of Punjabi Film Vaapsi, starring Harish Verma, Gulshan Grover, Ashish Duggal, Samiksha Singh, Dhriti Saharan, Lakhwinder Shabla, Mandeep Kaur. Directed by Rakesh Mehta.

09:35 AM
Welcome to the Live Review of Vaapsi. There are 4 of us in the Audi and we’ve barely convinced the authorities to start the show which was about to be cancelled due to a very small occupancy.
09:40 AM
Cancelled: Our insistence got us nothing as the show stands cancelled. We feel sad for our industry when such incidents occur. Anyhow, we will attempt to see the film again in an afternooon show. The Live Review of the film has been delayed as a result. Inconveniences are Regretted.
09:45 AM
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12:30 PM
So we are now watching a 12:45 show, our coverage will begin soon.
12:45 PM
Finally time for Vaapsi. The film is U/A certified and 122 minutes long. Regular smoking disclaimers in the beginning.
12:46 PM
The film opens with a view of Europe. Looks like Germany though where Gulshan Grover is remembering his mother.
12:48 PM
The film is divided into today and the period of 90s. Gulshan Grover plays the character of Ajit today whereas Harish Verma is the Ajit of 90s.
12:58 PM
The film is looking interesting in the beginning. I’ve just seen Housefull 3 and I’m pissed off on that movie. I hope Vaapsi changes my mood and I get to see a good movie.
12:58 PM
Ajit is now a Taxi driver in Germany. In his early days he was a great Hockey Player and used to dream of representing India.
1:01 PM
Dhriti Saharan plays the role of a school teacher and Ajit’s love interest. Her name is Rajjo
1:03 PM
Sameksha who play’s the role of Ajit’s Sister is called Jeeta in the film.
1:08 PM
Harish Verma is a good actor. He has donned the turban look for the first time and he looks good in that.
1:06 PM
Time for Fulkari song by Kamal Khan.
1:10 PM
Enters Ashsih Duggal who plays the baddie in the film.
1:12 PM
So the Police has now arrested Ajit from the Hockey field.
1:17 PM
The film is engaging enough to hold the interests of the viewer. Only drawback is the Production design. Many props, locations, costumes do not seem to be matching with the period.
1:21 PM
Ajit is no where to be found. Police says Ajit is with the CRPF in Delhi and the CRPF has no clue of him either.
1:22 PM
And now the police led by Ashish Duggal has arrested Ajit’s sister as well. It looks more of kidnapping than arresting.
1:22 PM
The background score is more louder in sequences than the dialogues.
1:26 PM
First relief is that this film is not a comedy at all. And not even one sequence has tried to make the viewers laugh. That’s interesting!
1:26 PM
The director has straight away come to the point and and made it clear that he means business.
1:29 PM
The police has returned Ajit back to his family but all this came at a price.
1:50 PM
It’s interval time and so far the film has looked good. Harish has delivered a good performance and so have Sameksh and Harish’s mother in the film.
1:50 PM
Also there was not much to do for Gulshan Grover in the film.
1:51 PM
The second half begins and Ajit has joined the moviement to avenge the death of his sister.
1:54 PM
The film is fine in terms of performances but some of the things seem fake like the surroundings, the environment, the props etc.
1:54 PM
All the above factors depend on the production design.
1:56 PM
And moreover there hasn’t been a defined period for the film as well. Whether the flashback or the present. It’s all a viewers imagination to guess the period. It’s just past and present in the film.
1:56 PM
Maa by Kamal Khan has been used twice in the background.
2:09 PM
Time for Takht Hazaare by Raj Ranjodh now.
2:16 PM
The screening is not convincing enough. The plot is becoming more ad more predictable as the film is moving ahead.
2:16 PM
The clash sequences between the police and the rebels all seem fake and made up.
2:30 PM
Main Saari Saari Raat by Akhil now. It’s just an average song and when a song like this comes usually near the climax its a sign of film losing some momentum just before the finale.
2:40 PM
The second half has spoiled whatever little momentum was created in first half.
2:40 PM
The screenplay which seems borrowed from quite a few movies is not at all convincing and the director has taken far too many creative liberties.
2:43 PM
By the way we are 18 people in an Audi of 250 watching the film. And this is the second show. The first show was cancelled due to lack of occupancy.

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