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More power to Kambi!

Someone who is doing the rounds in the Punjabi music industry these days is Kambi Rajpuria. Not that he has desperately created the buzz, it is just a repercussion of being a celebrity. Kambi, who was in Canada from the past seven (exact) years has been deported from the nation. Following the judgement, just before his flight to India, Kambi took to his Facebook account and recited his story to his fans and everyone else.

Beyond any doubt, the news must have been a hard pill to digest for Kambi on a personal level. Imagine the plight of an individual who, from starting his career to achieving name and fame in the same country, was asked to leave it. Having said that, it is not the end of the road. Not for someone as talented as Kambi, at least.

We are glad that he came forward and expressed all his emotions in front of the public. Had he not done that and considering the emotional baggage inside him, things could have been much worse. Furthermore, there is no hiding to the fact that he had committed some mistakes. But we all commit mistakes. Don’t we?

And it would be wrong on our part to judge him for his flaws. Wouldn’t it?

Ninja, an eminent name in the Punjabi music industry, took to Facebook to express his support towards Kambi. Another name of consequence in the Punjabi industry, Parmish Verma, has been regularly uploading stories across his social media accounts in support of Kambi. Watch the video:


Kamby’s debut single track, ‘Suraj Nu Salaama’, was released in 2014. In his four year career, he has sung close to 10 single tracks. Some of his popular tracks include ‘Desi Swag’, ‘Standard’ (featuring Simi Chahal), ‘Chal Koi Na’ and ‘Changey Din’. The level of his aptitude can also be measured from the fact that some of his songs are written by himself.

His most recent track, ’20 Saal’, was scheduled to release later this month. Citing the current circumstances, proverbial music company, Speed Records, decided to release the song today itself. The accolades and support that Kambi is getting since morning has it in it to become a morale-booster for him. It was self-sacrificing on the part of Speed Records for not many companies have the audacity to tinker with the release date of a song, a pure business-related decision in the modern world.

20 Saal is musically directed by Sukh- E (Muzical Doctorz). The music video is directed by Rupi Bains. Kambi has penned down the lyrics of the song himself. Both the lyrics and the video convey a sensible message. If you haven’t watched the video as yet, watch it below and tell us about your views regarding the same:

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