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Movie Preview: Work Weather Wife (WWW) Punjabi Movie


Cast and Crew

  • Banner : ArtGauge Films Inc.
  • Status : Completed
  • Release Date : 19 September, 2014
  • Genre : Drama
  • Producer : Harpreet Sandhu Reema Nagra
  • Star Cast : Harpreet Sandhu, Reema Nagra, Dilbag Brar, Kirat Bhatthal, B K Rakhra, Jagmohan Bhandari, Abi Centrik, Mani Kahlon, Deepika Singh, Eline Mets
  • Cinematographers : Narinder Ahlawat, Harpreet Sandhu
  • Executive Producer : Matinder Nagra
  • Singer : Alka Yagnik, Arsh, Avtar, Sukhjinder, Dilbag Brar
  • Poet : Harpreet Sandhu
  • Editor : Harpreet Sandhu
  • Director : Harpreet Sandhu
  • Production Designers : Harpreet Sandhu
  • Publicity : Rajvir Boyal
  • Visual Effects : Andrew Leamonth
  • Sound : Jeevanathan Sekaran

Synopsis: “Work Weather Wife” is a character driven thematic film that touches targeted audience’s emotions through drama, music, performances and above all through the sentimental entertainment package. The film starts in beautiful suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where Vick, a con artist, is thrown out of his house by his father. Vick lures, a taxi driver, CJ into a lottery scam and ends up living in his basement suite. Dimple married CJ for sake of immigration to Canada where CJ is no where close to her imagination of a life partner. She is a Bollywood lover and Vick takes advantage of Dimple’s passion of Bollywood. Vick is a handsome, charming, “a perfect boyfriend” type of guy and Dimple sees a light through the tunnel and eventually falls in love with Vick. Being unaware of Vick’s intentions, Dimple gets pregnant.
CJ is from an orthodox sikh family and has a four year old daughter. Historically, a woman is murdered in an Indian family abroad if she is caught cheating; will CJ be able to do that or will he accept Dimple for the sake of their 4 year old daughter and bring a new change in the society? Doctor JB is a psychiatrist who is also a close friend of CJ and Dr. JB is from same village as Dimple. CJ is agoraphobic and visits Dr. JB at times. Dr. JB tries his best to diagnose CJ for his disease and provides guidance to CJ in family matters. Will Dr. JB be of any help to CJ to help keep CJ’s family together?
The film explores the answers and goes through emotional ups and downs of a husband, wife, a con artist and a little child through drama and music. There are 6 songs in the film and one of the song is sung by very famous Bollywood singer Alka Yagnik. Mannu Sandhu (Former runner up Miss. Universe Canada) is also attached to the project in the lead role. This project will set the bar in Punjabi Cinema at the highest level possible.


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