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Movie Review: Bhalwan Singh, Punjabi Movie

Ranjit Bawa, who made his debut in the Punjabi movies with ‘Sarvann’ earlier this year, has recently featured in his fourth movie of the year, ‘Bhalwan Singh’. By the looks of it, the movie was expected to revolve around the struggles to prominence in the life of Bhalwan Singh (Bawa). As far as those expectations are concerned, the movie stands tall on them.

The movie starts with showcasing Bawa as someone whom the village considers as ‘good for nothing’. In times, where his fellow villagers put in the hard yards to survive in front of the dominant Britishers and their atrocities, Bawa is contended in enjoying and playing pranks with the children of his village with his childhood friend Karamjit Anmol. The story is all about how Bawa proves all his fellow villagers wrong and gains prominence in the village. What walks side by side is his love story with Navpreet Banga. Overall, the movie is definitely a one-time watch.

Talking about the actors, after a ban was imposed on Toofan Singh in India, this is Bawa’s first Punjabi movie as a lead actor and he has done fairly well. He has shown signs of improvement and is expected to don the actor’s coat in an even better way in the future.

Playing the lead opposite Bawa is debutante Navpreet Banga. After a few strong scenes in the beginning, she plays a second fiddle to other actors in the movie. Karamjit Anmol has once again proved as to why he is one of the top actors of the Punjabi movie industry. He cracks the role of Bhalwan’s Friend and side kick with full perfection. He is also instrumental in bringing the laughter quotient in the movie.

Manav Vij, who is a tried and tested name in the Punjabi’s well as Hindi film industry, has once again delivered well. He has played a vital role of a warrior in the movie whom all the villagers look up to. His uptight demeanour was a crucial element in the movie.

Param Shiv has done a satisfactory job in directing the movie. The movie could have been even better if more efforts were put on the story and the screenplay. There were a couple of occassions when the movie falls flat and looks dulls on screen but that was over shadowed by some brilliant performances and witty dialogues.

Overall, Bhalwan Singh provides laughter as places where it is required and family audiences are bound To enjoy this tale of a Bhalwan. So we can easily that that, ‘Ek Bhalwani Geda taan banda hi hai’.

Watch the video to see what public think about the movie:

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