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Movie Review: Daana Paani, Punjabi Movie

Movie review of Punjabi Film ‘Daana Paani’.

Star Cast: Jimmy Sheirgill, Simi Chahal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Nirmal Rishi, Rupinder Rupi, Seema Kaushal, Harby Sangha and Kanika Mann.

Director: Tarnvir Singh Jagpal.

Producer: Jas Grewal, Ranbir Singh Grewal, Gurpartap Singh Gill and Gagandeep Singh Dhaliwal.

Music: Jaidev Kumar.

Genre: Drama, Period, Romance.

Running Time: 103 minutes (U certified)

To get off the ground, Tarnvir Singh Jagpal’s ‘Daana Paani’ is a story about a mother and her daughter and how the purest relation in the world can also be harrowing in nature. In the movie, the mother-daughter duo is seen going through distress which is partially caused by the circumstances, their family members and the society. That being said, one factor which plays a major role in their severance is Daana Paani, which wholly gives the extract of the movie.

Written by Jass Grewal, the story of the movie is the overriding force which pinions the audiences to their seats for an hour and 43 minutes. For a pensive story like Daana Paani, it would have been very easy to become slow-moving and monotonous and still be up to the scratch. However, that set of circumstances never really arrive on the screen which lays emphasis on the compelling nature of the script and the intuitive nature of the writer.

The movie starts with two journalists visiting an old-aged Basant Kaur (Nirmal Rishi) to interview her for her autobiography. Basant Kaur starts reciting her story, taking us to 1948 when certain happenings separated her from her mother. The mother-daughter disunion happens to the extent that they never get to see each other. Living at her grandfather’s house, a young Basant Kaur (Siddhi Rathore) is put into the wedlock. Marriage gives her a vague hope of meeting her mother.

14 years later, post the India-China War, a certain turn of events make way for Mehtaab Singh (Jimmy Sheirgill) to visit village Allowal, where he meets Basant Kaur (Simi Chahal). Bahadur Singh’s (Gurpreet Ghuggi) machination aims at getting Basant Kaur and Mehtaab Singh married to each other. It is at this point in time that Bheem Singh (Gurmeet Saajan) senses the bluff and interferes to stop the wedding. Watch the movie to see whether Basant and Mehtaab eventually get married or not and most importantly whether Basant meets her mother or not.

Post ‘Shareek’, Jimmy Sheirgill was due for a stellar performance in the Punjabi industry. With ‘Daana Paani’, he has delivered an amazeballs performance, putting an end to the wait of all his fans. Simi Chahal, playing a highly underplaying role of her usual self, has once again proved as to why she is one of the most sought-after actress in the Punjabi film industry. Her character was exemplary of the fact that a neat performance needn’t always be loud and contemporary.

To see Gurpreet Ghuggi in a serious role is another reason why you should watch this movie. Perhaps, it is high time for him to do more of these roles for he does a brilliantly. Although his role was very limited, another actor who was seen in a contrasting role than what he is usually known for is Harby Sangha (Mohdan). In Tarsem Paul, Malkeet Rauni and Gurmeet Saajan, Daana Paani has three senior actors who have done full justice to their characters whenever they have come on screen.

Rupinder Rupi and Seema Kaushal played a vital role in the movie and played it with full conviction. Another name which is worth the praise is child actor Siddhi Rathore, who took everyone aback with her acting. The way in which she portrayed the disturbed childhood of Basant Kaur on screen was second to none in terms of acting.

 Daana Paani is Tarnvir Singh Jagpal’s second movie. Both the movies have been highbrow and deeply-felt, which speaks a lot about his basic thought behind directing a movie. The fine-drawn nature of the movie is perhaps derived from a subtle notion, which he seems to hold throughout the movie. Sticking to the compelling yet sober story, Tarnvir did not aim at putting catchy sequences in Daana Paani, a peril not many directors of the modern time would be willing to take. In a movie dominated by its story, Tarnvir has made optimum use of his actors, inducing the required emotions out of them and yet keeping them sans exoticism.

Watch Daana Paani to witness a refined version of cinematic storytelling wherein story has been given the utmost importance. The acting and the soulful music of the movie revolve around the story to give the audiences an unusual experience.

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