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Movie Review: Dangar Doctor Jelly, Punjabi Movie

Movie Review of Punjabi Movie Dangar Doctor Jelly starring Ravinder Grewal, Sara Gurpal, Geet Gambhir, BN Sharma, Karamjit Anmol. Directed by Atharv Baluja.

Atharv Baluja’s latest release, ‘Dangar Doctor Jelly’, is on its way to be added in the list of commercially affluent movies of this year. Starring Ravinder Grewal, Sara Gurpal, Geet Gambhir, Rajiv Thakur, B.N. Sharma and Karamjit Anmol, the movie had released this weekend and is reaping the benefits of releasing a movie during a festive season in India. Our team watched the movie and have come to the below mentioned five apotheoses as to why one should watch this movie:

1. Family Entertainer – Equivocation is an indispensable ingredient of the modern-day recipe of comedy. In that facet of film-making, Dangar Doctor Jelly has restrained itself from trying anything which might end up being unacceptable to watch on screen with family. The movie is a successful family entertainer which can be watched even with children.

2. A Must Watch for Pet Lovers – People who have an affection with pets should definitely hit the big screen to watch Dangar Doctor Jelly. Based on a veterinary doctor, the movie was expected to revolve around animals and has done it with full grace. The movie comprises of different shades of animals so much so that even the title song is based on them.

3. Novelty Factor – In an era, where showing the foregone Punjab, its traditions, customs and predominantly marriages, on the big screen has become a trend, the film makers deserve applauds for trying a fresh concept. Apart from the comic sequence, the brains behind the movie deserve full credit for the successful personification of animals. Such a notion has been performed for the first time in the Punjabi cinema.

4. Music – The music of any movie has it in it to decide the fate of the movie to some extent. Musically directed by DJ Flow and Jaydev Kumar, the movie, even before its release, had delivered chart buster tracks in ‘Selfie Queen’, ‘Yes or No’, ‘Taweet’ and ‘Dangar Doctor Jelly’. The effect of the same (music) was also visible during the movie.

5. A Treat during the Festive Season – Last but not the least, the audiences can look forward to enjoy their festive season with this dosage of laughter. The movie has it in it to entertain all generations of any particular family. So, the viewers who are willing to board this comical ride must visit the nearest cinema halls and watch Dangar Doctor Jelly.

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