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Movie Review: Faraar, Punjabi Movie

Faraar Movie Review by Punjabi Mania

Star cast: Gippy Grewal, Kainaat Arora, Jaggi Singh, Girija Shankar, and others

Director: Baljit Singh Deo

Producer: Sippy Grewal, Nitin Talwar

Music: Jatinder Shah, Dr. Zeus, Bohemia and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Genre: Thriller

Censor Details: A (148 Minutes)

Review: Faraar was one of the most awaited movies of the year for many reasons. Some of them being it being a thriller which are very rare to see in Punjabi Cinema. Gippy Grewal returns to the roots after making an unsuccessful attempt in Bollywood. It brings the combo of Baljit Singh Deo-Gippy Grewal back after a gap of almost 4 years.

Faraar directed by Baljit Singh Deo has the traits of a typical Baljit Singh Deo film. It has a good soundtrack, beautifully shot at exotic foreign locations, gives the look and feel of a Hollywood film and has a WEAK PLOT! A plot which could have been so gripping but Deo and his team of writers make a mess of it.

Story of the film has been penned by Jass Grewal, who earlier wrote a gripping Jatt James Bond for Gippy Grewal. His story is a new attempt in Punjabi Cinema. However, it’s the screenplay which lets a good story down. Screenplay is written by Deo and Grewal alongside the producer Sippy Grewal.

They have together not been able to crack the idea of making a good thriller film which is also short at logical reasoning. Okay, it’s a film but so what. It’s a thriller and thrill is only backed with logic. You can fool anyone but not the U.S. Government officials. Dialogues by Prince Kanwaljit Singh are good in some parts and okay in other.

Coming to Direction and other technical aspects. Direction by Baljit Singh Deo is strictly okay. He has not been able to maintain the feel of a thriller film. The plot became predictable as soon as we saw Nikki’s back in the first half. Not only me but other 74 people in the theatre were talking about the same thing at the interval. Yes, they had made out what the suspense was. Cinematography by Baljit Singh Deo is marvellous. No comparisons between him and others. He’s one of the best at that job. Background Score and Sound Design of the film were also good.

Coming to performances, this might be Gippy Grewal’s best performance till date. He knew what he was upto and lived on those expectations completely. Be his nerdy look as Ekam or Gangsta look as Shinda, he nailed his part completely. Next best performance came from Jaggi Singh, who we would like to see more in Punjabi Cinema. His portrayal of Kaptaan was brilliant and he knew his job well.

Kainaat Arora, the lead actress and another import from Bollywood. Well she’s H-O-T and can somehow act a bit as well. So if she gets one or two more films, it won’t be surprising to see. Girija Shankar did a great job as the lawyer. Other actors’ job ranged from Good to average.

Music of the film was good. Tracks like Etwaar, Budwaar, Jatti, Taur are my picks from the album.

Overall, this film has the good as well as bad aspects of a Baljit Singh Deo film. He really needs good screenplays because he can make better films that this at least. Faraar can become a one-time watch if you are a fan of Gippy Grewal. But I am disappointed!

Ratings: 2/5

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