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Movie Review: Gaddar The Traitor

Cast: Harbhajan Mann, Manpneet Grewal, Ashish Duggal, Girja Shankar, Shavinder Mahal, Rupinder Roopi, Anita Meet, Tarsem Paul, Balkaran Wadding, Bobby Sandhu

Director: Amitoj Mann

Producer: Sumeet Singh

Music: Jaidev Kumar, Dr. Zeus

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: 132 Minutes

Synopsis: Jai Singh (Harbhajan Mann) is a business tycoon based in Toronto, Canada and is touted to be the richest person of Punjab origin. On the fifth death anniversary of his uncle, he gets a letter from his uncle’s lawyer, which forces him to go to India. People of his village regard him as a traitor and they believe that he compromised with the police during the militancy period for money and got his friends killed. Whereas Jai Singh who indeed was not a traitor believes his father was the one who did all this. The sole reason for his visit to India is to kill him for his betrayal. But his father is serving a life sentence for killing a senior police cop in jail. In his attempts to get him out of the jail he finds a whole new truth.

Review: Director Amitoj Mann who last made Haani is back once again and as usual he’s got something completely different from the league and out of the box to the table. One thing is clear about him that he has always tried to go through the unconventional way of story telling. Be it his earlier work or even Gaddar. What I feel is that he likes taking up challenges and has till now been successful most of the times.

Beginning with the writing, Amitoj has himself penned the story and screenplay for this film. The story of this film comes as something, which is refreshing and offers something new. And the way Amitoj has written the screenplay is like a cherry on top for a good story. Screenplay compliments an equally good storyline. However, there were a few portions, which could have been more emphasized upon like the past of Jai could have been shown in more details instead of unconventional brisk flashback in patches. Bobby Sandhu’s dialogues got this writing some additional brownie points.

Amitoj Mann as a director has grown leaps and bounds with this film. He writes amazing stories, always offers something new and unique in his screenplays and as a director he’s shown improvements. Music by Jaidev Kumar and Dr. Zeus was all right and suited the tone of the script. But when you have names like Harbhajan Mann, Babu Singh Mann, Jaidev Kumar and Dr. Zeus you expect much more from them.

Coming to the performances, Harbhajan Mann was brilliant as usual. After doing those family dramas in the last decade, he now adds another feather onto his hat by portraying Jai Singh. Amitoj knows how to get the best out of him. Manpreet Grewal was all right in the film. Ashish Duggal as the villainous SSP Sandhu was a perfect choice. He wants the audiences to hate himand he’s successful at that. Bobby Sandhu, Shivender Mahal and others provided good support as well.

Final Say: On the whole, Gaddar is as usual something different coming from Director Amitoj Mann. It’s a different genre and a new subject in Punjabi Cinema but can find acceptance from the audiences. Harbhajan Mann delivers a fine performance and the film is watchable.

Rating: 3/5

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