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Movie Review: Jatt & Juliet 2 Punjabi Movie


Star Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa, Rana Ranbir, Jaswinder Bhalla, Bharti Singh, B.N. Sharma, Dolly Mattoo, Razia Sukhbir, Vijay Tandon, Amrit Bali and Rana Jung Bahadur

Director: Anurag Singh

Producer: Gunbir Singh Sidhu, Darshanpal Singh Grewal and Manmord Sidhu

Music: Jatinder Shah

Genre: Rom-Com

Censor Details: U (Punjabi) – 137 Minutes

Synopsis: Jatt and Juliet 2 tells the romantic as well as funny tale of 2 Police Officers, Shapata Fateh Singh played by Diljit and Shapatan Neeru Bajwa. Fateh, a Punjab Police officer is sent on a secret mission to Canada and there he ends up working with Pooja, a cop from Vancouver police department. Both of them are very different from each other yet very similar to each other. Situations arise and they both  fall for each other. However destiny has something else in store for them.

Review: Director Anurag Singh along with his same team which gave us the ‘Mega-Entertaining’ Blockbuster, Jatt & Juliet last year is back with a bang for the sequel of their film to enthrall the audiences once again. However, this is a completely new franchise and the earlier plot doesn’t have anything to do with the earlier film, besides retaining a few characters like Fateh, Pooja, Shampy, etc. but all in completely new avatars.
Coming to the plot of the film, it’s an entertaining plot from start to finish and has its own share of laughs and giggles. Script Writer Dheeraj Rattan has done a good job yet again. The film starts off with a Bang! Both at the beginning and after the interval. However, the film dips down just below the climax but soon picks up yet again in the climax. Screenplay by Dheeraj and Anurag Singh is gripping and keeps the viewer entertaining with cut to cut scenes which is probably a great thing as it even helps to control the length of the film. A major highlight of the film are it’s dialogues – Punch after Punch is what is used here. Some of them like Fateh De Patte and Hadban te Chaped are bound to get famous. Also my favorite sequences from the film were where Diljit stands in front of the mirror and speaks to himself. You carry these punches back with you in your memories. Amberdeep Singh and Anurag Singh seem to have done a good job at dialogues. This film might give that push to Amberdeep’s career like Carry On Jatta gave to Naresh Kathooria.

Coming to the other aspects of the film, Gripping Screenplay and Superb Punches have been handled equally well by the Director. Great writing has to be effectively utilized by the Director and it has been done here. Anurag Singh has done a fine job yet again and handled such a big project with ease. From the choice of actors to the locations in Punjab as well as Canada was just perfect. Many of Canadian locations have been exposed this time around. Cheers to Anshul Choubey for showing us more of Canada in this one. He has excelled as a DoP in this film. The way the ‘Akhiyaan’ song was shot really defined the talent of Anshul.

Music is composed by the finest name present in the Punjabi Industry – Jatinder Shah. After a few letdown’s he’s back to form and has given a foot tapping score for this one. Tracks like Shoulder, Mr. Singh, Buggi, Punjab Police and even Naina for that purpose are all chartbusters.

Diljit as Fateh Singh, the lovable Punjabi cop is iconic and this one is surely a role nothing less than a landmark in his career. You are sure to fall in love with him. Some of his acts like Mirror talk and Fateh de patte are sure to get popular. In other words, I would rather admit that ‘JATT’ stole the show this time around unlike the last time where it were both – Jatt as well as Juliet. Neeru Bajwa was the perfect choice for Juliet – Canadian accent and Punjabi beauty. A svelte and sexy cop, done a reasonably good job yet again. However, it would have been more pleasing to watch her had her role been more baked rather than this ‘half-baked’ role. However, her acting skills were enough to justify her presence.

The chemistry between the lead pair was certainly solid. It was backed by some good performances from the supporting actors. Jaswinder Bhalla had a short role this time around but was pleasing with his punches. Rana Ranbir and B.N. Sharma as the father aon duo were superb yet again. Rana Ranbir’s act in the climax shows his potential as a serious actor and not only as a comedian. Bharti Singh was all right in her debut role. Rana Jung Bahadur, Dolly Mattoo and other suporting cast provided good support.

Final Say: Overall, Jatt and Juliet 2 has it’s own shares of laughs and giggles and its a pure entertainment film for one and all – Masses and Classes. Some minor weaknesses in the plot can be ignored given the quotient of entertainment value it possesses.

Paisa Vasool: 70/100

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