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Movie Review: Laatu

Movie Review: Laatu, Punjabi Movie

Movie Review: Laatu – Punjabi Mania presents full review of recently release Punjabi movie named ‘Laatu’.

Cast: Gagan Kokri, Aditi Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, Anita Devgan, Sardar Sohi, Ashish Duggal, Hardip Gill, Harby Sangha, Rahul Jungral, Nisha Bano, Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Parkash Gadhu, Malkit Rauni.

Director: Manav Shah.

Producer: Jagmeet Singh.

Music: Jatinder Shah.

Genre: Drama, Period, Romance.

Running Time: 118 minutes (U certified).

Debutant director Manav Shah’s ‘Laatu’ is majorly a story of how electricity was brought in the village of Salempura. In which sounds more like an inventive topic, Laatu also incorporates vital lessons on several relations, with a love story serving as a focal point. Director Shah, who has also written the script of the movie, does a decent job for a first-timer.

In a story which belongs to an era when Jawahar Lal Nehru was the President of India, it is portrayed as a background story, recited by Dholan (Karamjit Anmol), a crucial member of the whole episode.

Karnail Singh Randhawa (Sardar Sohi) and Gajjan Singh Grewal (Ashish Duggal) belong to two nearby villages. The duo is often seen locking horns in various competitions of those times with ‘Much Muqabla’ being a unique thing put forward in front of the audiences. Amid this rivalry, lesser did anyone near them predict regarding Randhawa’s boy Sattu (Gagan Kokri) and Grewal’s girl Jeeti (Aditi Sharma) falling for each other.

The love story between the two of them develops during the course of the movie, only after considerable efforts from Sattu. Just when things appear to be going good, Grewal challenges Sattu to make arrangement of a bulb in his house for it was considered as a luxury in those days. With one already put in Grewal’s home, it was a sign of pride for the whole village.

With XEN Gurbir Singh Bajwa (Rahul Jungral) also wanting the marry Jeeti, the movie takes an interesting twist. Watch the movie to know whether Sattu completes his challenge or not, who marriages Jeeti and whether the Randhawa-Grewal rivalry cools down for the sake of their children or not.

Talking about the actors of the movie, renowned singer Kokri makes his debut in Laatu. He does just acceptable for a single-turned-actor. Having signed a couple of movies for the future, one expect him to work more on his craft. Sharma stands tall on the expectations bestowed upon her, but it is high time that she considers performing roles in movies other than just period ones.

Laatu is graced with the likes of Anmol, Sohi and Duggal performing their parts impressively. With the kind of emphasis put on the trio, it was important for them to put in a praiseworthy performance. The electricity department comprising of Jungral and his juniors (Prakash Gadhu as JE Mohan Singh and Harby Sangha as Lineman Mali Ram), too, work well for the overall good of the movie.

Dheeraj Rattan (screenplay) and Surmeet Maavi (dialogues) have yet again proved as to why they are rated so highly in the Punjabi film industry. Special mention should also be made of art director Tirath S. Gill for his attempt of creating a Punjab of 1950s is impact-generating.

With Jatinder Shah working on the music of the movie, one can hardly complain about it. Among all the songs, ‘Satt Pind’ (sung by Gurlez Akhtar) and the title song (sung by Nachhatar Gill) stand out in the movie.

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