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Movie Review: Lakeeran, Punjabi Movie

Movie Review of Punjabi Movie Lakeeran starring Harman Virk, Yuvika Chaudhary, B.N. Sharma, Nirmal Rishi & others.

Star cast: Harman Virk, Yuvika Chaudhary, Nirmal Rishi, B.N. Sharma, B.B. Verma, Shivender Mahal, Poonam Sood

Producer: Wonderland Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Music: Dr. Zeus, Santosh Kataria

Genre: Romance

Running Time: 114 minutes

Review: The story begins with Harman (Harman Virk) living life king size as he’s the son of a super rich NRI in the film. Suddenly there’s a twist in his paradise and he leaves for his ancestral village in India in order to relax himself down. There he meets Roop (Yuvika) and falls for her without knowing that she is a widow. Will Harman marry Roop? Will the villagers allow that to happen? Will Roop’s husband return? What happened to him actually? Watch Lakeeran to find out more.

The story of Lakeeran is something which we have seen before on screen time & again but it’s the presentations which is new & unique. Widdow remarriage, drugs in the villages of Punjab are two of the Top 5 current prevailing issues in Punjab and many of us have heard of someone or know someone who are suffering from one of the two. The screenplay was a bit slow in parts but the film never got boring. I felt that the editor could’ve done away with a few scenes especially towards the 2nd half but it’s all okay in the end. Dialogues were funny, emotional & romantic as per their needs.

The direction department was led by Bhupinder Sian famously known as Bhupi in the industry. He’s choreographed a lot of songs in Punjabi movies. Here he marks his debut as a director with this film. He’s done an all right job. Could’ve been a lot better but given that it was his 1st time as a director, he’ll learn soon enough.

Lakeeran marks the debut of Harman Virk in Punjabi Cinema. So let me welcome him to the industry. Harman, welcome to Punjabi Cinema. You can act and act well. Looking forward to your next film. Harman has got a spark in him and let’s hope he chooses right films ahead. Yuvika Chaudhary acted well but I felt that she looked a bit aged opposite Harman. Someone younger here could’ve looked much better, not taking anything away from Yuvika’s performance in the film but this is my personal opinion.

Nirmal Rishi after a stellar Nikka Zaildar was top notch yet again. It was a pleasure to watch B.N. Sharma act yet again. Shivender Mahal was all right. B.B. Verma had a small role. Poonam Sood was also there in the film. Harish Verma (Jatt Tinka) had a cameo role 🙂

Music was composed by Dr. Zeus & Santosh Kataria. Wonderland is my pick of the lot followed by Nimma Nimma & Okay.

Overall, Lakeeran is a fine made film. Watch out for th the debutante’s performance and the exotic locations. Lakeeran is a good watch this week.

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