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Movie Review: Leather Life, Punjabi Movie

Leather Life revolves around a happy college going boy Gurdas. The film is about how fate deprives happiness from his life. Based on the brutality of police in the 1980s, the film tells the tale of young Gurdas, about how books in his hands are replaced by weapons.

Story is the nucleus of every film. In this film, there are some loopholes in it but overall it has a decent storyline, a storyline to which people can actually relate to. The screenplay is a little dragged however the dialogues are nice. The transitions between the scenes in the first half are not very smooth.

Director Sukhbir Singh has made a good effort in making this film. Not only he has given a good direction but he has very wisely chosen the cast and the locations.

Aman Dhaliwal plays the lead in the film. He might not be known by the mass but his acting in the film is very powerful and worth appreciating. He is equally supported by Himanshi Khurana, Prince Kanwaljeet Singh and Deep Brar.

Music is a big let-down to the film. The director failed to recognise the importance of music in the film. A good music can help you attract more audience for your film but sadly it is not the case here. A little focus on music, a bit polished screenplay and a bigger budget could have made it a very good film.

Overall, Leather Life is a vivid presentation of the brutality of the police in the 1980s and 1990s. The film is backed by powerful performances and a decent story. However troubled screenplay and poor music add to its miseries. It can be given a watch.

Punjabi Mania rates it 2 out of total 5.

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