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Movie Review: Oh Yaara Ainvayi Ainvayi Lutt Gaya, Punjabi Movie

Oh Yaara Ainvayi Ainvayi Lutt Gaya is the story of Gunjan (Gauhar Khan) and Ranveer (Jassi Gill). Two love birds that fight over a petty issue. And eventually their fight ends up at court where they file for divorce. The film mostly revolves around a court room where they appear for divorce hearings. And before the judge could actually give a verdict a tragic incident brings them back together.

The very first scene of the film is in the courtroom. Daulat Singh (B.N. Sharma), the honourable judge takes a sip of tea from a cup and the next 1 minute plays with his fingers, while people watch him. It might have been a funny scene but it definitely didn’t amuse me.

Ranveer is a theatre artist and lives in a rented flat. As it seems he might not have money for a lavish life but when you see his flat, it is no less than a suite at a five star. Also the way he proposes to Gunjan, I found it one of wickedest proposes. “Let’s get married, it will help us save money!” I mean who proposes like that.

The writers have tried their best to make the film funny and they have tried to put comedy forcibly into the scenes which rather looks crass. Daulat Singh is a judge at a court and they have shown a person on such a prestigious and a responsible job look fool. He literally daydreams in every hearing and looks scared of an advocate’s child in his dreams. And as if daydreaming wasn’t enough you find him rapping in the court. Like the writers have tried everything no matter what to tickle you. And they fail miserably.

This will be the first Punjabi Film for Gauhar Khan. At a press conference Jassi Gill claimed that they concluded the shoot for this film in record one month’s time. One month is quite a small time to learn a language. Gauhar Khan though looked charming but her Punjabi was not upto the level. Using someone else to dub her could have been a better option.

This is a first film for Director Raj Sinha, he is also the man behind the story of this film. He revealed in a press conference that this story is actually a real story of his friend. My sympathies to the couple! However this has been a disappointing start for his directorial career. He had a good cast but he failed to utilise them. Karamjit Anmol, Rana Ranbir looked wasted. BN Sharma had no much great role either.

Overall, Oh Yaara Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya is a rom-com with hardly any romance and scarcely any comedy. It is a disappointing start for Gauhar Khan in the Punjabi film industry. The movie can be avoided.

Punjabi Mania rates it 1 out of total 5 stars.

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  1. This movie was mentally traumatising to the rational audience…all the people who had the odacity to make such a movie should change their professions for good.

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