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Movie Review: Patta Patta Singhan Da Vairi, Punjabi Movie

Patta Patta Singhan Da Vairi is another story of the 1980s era. It is the ode of Satnam, who joins the movement to save the youth of the state.  The film shows the brutality of not just the state police but also of the central force, CRPF. He sacrifices his love, bears the death of his loved ones and finally kills the people responsible for his agony.

Director Naresh S Garg has tried to make a periodical film but has failed to show the old Punjab in it. The wide angle camera spans show television dishes, split ACs which were not into existence in that period. The house of the politician Ganga Singh shares the architecture of modern age. It’s not just the locations but even the news clippings shown just before the interval show the picture of current MP of Ludhiana. Even the newspaper I believe was not published during those years. In one of the scenes I believe you actually get to see a part of a JimmyJib crane used for shooting.

Acting wise everyone has done a fine job. Raj Kakra, Shivendra Mahal, Jonita Doda, Nitu Pandher all act well onscreen. However the music of the movie is average.

The story of the film is written by Prince Kanwaljit. Prince has also written Leather Life which was released last week. Both the films share somewhat a same story. This one however is a little monotonous as compared to Leather Life.

All in all, Patta Patta Singhan Da Vairi is a movie with monotonous storyline, poor locations and poor music and can be ignored.

Punjabi Mania rates it 1.5 out of total 5.

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