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Movie Review: Police in Pollywood, Punjabi Movie

Sunita Dhir is not a new name in Punjabi Film Industry, a career that spans 34 long years with a dozen and a half Punjabi films under her belt. And now she has ventured herself as a director, Punjabi film “Police in Pollywood Balle Balle” is her directorial debut.

The movie is based on Punjab Police. Rs 12 crores which are meant to be deposited in the government treasury are looted from the police while they are being transferred to a police station.  Senior Superintendent of Police, who is at the helm of affairs, finds himself in trouble. He along with his deputy think of a way out, when they come across the idea of making a Punjabi film, “Ik Tara Bole”.  Parallel to it runs the love story of a couple, Balli and Sweety, who eventually end up being the main leads of the film.

The genre of the movie is said to be comedy, but there is a very little space for it in the movie. You find plenty of satires in it and the irony is first they criticize something and later they themselves adopt it. Bhagwant Mann in one of the scenes say, You people have spoiled the Punjabi culture with these item numbers and when his own movie “Ik Tara Bole” turns out to be a hit, he celebrates the success watching a girl in shorts dancing, which basically is an item number only.

The very idea of Police making a movie to recover money lost in loot is hard to digest. A family who eats fish day and night is hard to imagine. I remember one of the dialogues of the movie where Sardool Sikander who acts as the director says that you need to have some solid story to make a movie, some action, some screenplay and some emotions. I highlight the word screenplay. It’s an irony that one of the dialogues of the movie says you need to have a solid screenplay for a movie when the movie’s own screenplay goes haywire every now and then.

Story and screenplay are the two basic foundations of the movie. Sadly they are very weak here. Dragged, dragged and dragged plus unnecessary scenes make watching this movie no easier. The music was an average affair, so was the direction.

Morevoer, the title uses the word Pollywood for Punjabi Cinema. However, Pollywood is a term used for Pashto (Peshawar) Film Industry.

All in all, Police in Pollywood Balle Balle is a poor movie and can be avoided. We rate it point five out of total five.

Ratings: 0.5/5

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