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Movie Review: Pooja Kiven Aa Punjabi Movie

Synopsis: Pooja Kiven Aa is a story of an NRI girl Pooja, who is in Mumbai to get her property back from a miser builder. In the meantime she meets three Punjabi boys who come to the city of dreams to explore new horizons and make a handsome living. Finding Pooja and her wealth as their fortune, the trio starts chasing her, to find she is already committed. It is a comedy of errors but offers a little laughter.

Script Analysis: The story of the movie is its biggest drawback. Script is the foundation of the movie; sadly here it was very weak. It wasn’t exactly a comedy of errors, instead a script of errors. There was no logic in the story. And the climax of the movie was beyond audience’s intellect. Things happened in haste and there was no time of understanding.

Direction and Music: It wasn’t just the story, but there were some problems in the direction as well. Being her first movie it will be a learning experience for Nidhi but she will have to work hard for her upcoming projects. Music too was average, there were some tracks really peppy but all in all it was nothing out of the box.

Acting: Speaking of acting! This was Miss Pooja’s comeback movie after disappointing Panjaban and Chana Sachi Muchi, her looks were striking, but her acting wasn’t. The charisma of her looks didn’t last long, her dialogue delivery was poor. There was no fluency in it. Lead actor Tarun Khanna too was a disappointment on screen. He tried his level best but still failed to tickle laughter out of audience. B.N. Sharma was good, he started off well but yes you can’t make people laugh doing the same thing over and over throughout the movie (I count this as a director’s and script’s mistake though). Sahil Bhardwaj and Raj Jhinger were the highlight of the movie. They both looked natural and kept the audience captive. It was Sahil’s first movie, but he looked professional behind the camera. Rakhi Sawant was alluring in her item number, but there was a little problem with her lipsing.

Final Say: All in all, the movie is the definition of CHAOS. It was a comedy but very rare there were moments that actually spilled laughter. It’s a thumbs down from our side.

Paisa Vasool: 30/100

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  1. I have really enjoyed the movie. Looks like the fact coming true that you should watch the movie first rather than reading the reviews first and decide not to watch.

    I enjoyed every bit of movie and didn’t stopped laughing for a second.

    Everyone has done so well in this movie and I am really glad that our industry has got so talented Director. the locations are perfectly chosen and I would give thousand thumps up to the quality of movie (very rare in Punjabi industry). I loved the song “Sayad yeh pyar hai” awesome song and the location (I guess Goa) is mind boggler. Another song peepni is a fultoo party song which we can enjoy always.

    At last I would congratulate “Pooja Kiven aa Team” and wish them all the very best for success (I know its going to be a big hit worldwide).

    For those who prefer reading review first – “Must go and watch the movie you’re going to enjoy it”

    Its a thumbs up from my side.

  2. one of the worst movie ever made..direction and story were so bad that pathetic also looks like a good word for them..but i dont agree that tarun was bad in the film.the reviewer himself said that he tried very hard..but i think he was done in by the bad direction and even worse for the two new comers well they were just about ok..raj was better of the two..they could have taken some known faces instead of these was good..pooja is not heroine material..she should stick to singing..b n sharma was decent..over all my money was wasted…

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