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Movie Review: Rocky Mental, Punjabi Movie

Review of Punjabi Movie Rocky Mental starring Parmish Verma, Tannu Kaur Gill, Kanika Maan, Jagjeet Sandhu. Directed by Vikram Thori

Star cast: Parmish Verma, Tannu Kaur Gill, Mahabir Bhullar, Dheeraj Kumar, Jagjeet Sandhu, Kanika Mann, Karanveer Khullar, Jagjit Singh, Darshan Aulakh

Director: Vikram Thori

Producer: Dhamrait Films

Music: Desi Crew

Genre: Action

Running Time: 129 minutes

Synopsis: Rocky (Parmish Verma) is a State Level Champion Boxer and aspires to represent India one day in Boxing. He falls in love with Ibaadat (Tannu Kaur Gill) who belongs to a very rich family. However, the Sport’s Ministers younger brother played by Karanveer Khullar is in love with Ibaadat and is already an enemy of Rocky before discovering that Rocky and Ibaadat love each other. The Minister along with his brother try their best to defame Rocky by getting him arrested on rape charges, get his friends killed and what not. But Rocky being Rocky, overpowers them all and comes out strong.

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