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Movie Review: Rupinder Gandhi The Gangster, Punjabi Movie

Review of Punjabi film Rupinder Gandhi the gangster..? staring Dev Kharoud and Kul Sidhu. Directed by Tarn Mann


Review: RGTG tells the story of Rupinder Singh who wanted to become a football player but due to certain circumstances which happened in his life, he decided to go on a path which involved crime in the eyes of the law but service in the eyes of the needful people.
This film marks the debut of Tarn Mann as writer and director. Tarn Mann went on to make a biopic on the life of Rupinder Singh but in order to include more events of his life, he sacrificed on the screenplay of the film. A not so good screenplay spoiled what could have been a good story to tell.
Dialogues of the film were witty and provided laughter at certain points. Youth audience – the main target audience of the film enjoyed the dialogues as they could re-connect those with their own selves. Overall, in the writing department it’s the screenplay which lets the smooth transition of the film down.
Also the ending was left abrupt. As soon as Gandhi is killed by the goons, the film ends. The director did not care to tell about what happened to the Gandhi Group, what about the narrator who was telling the story to the youth in jail. Also one more thing which I didn’t like about the film that it promoted lots and lots of alcohol consumption. One one side we are telling our youth to stop the consumption of such things and on the other hand films promote such things.
Coming to the technical department, we can understand that there wasn’t sufficient budget made available but we have seen many low budget films out-perform in Bollywood because of the brilliance of the technical team. But not here. Director Tarn Mann and his team have done just about an average job here. Right from the choice of shots to the camera angles. Also the editing I felt wasn’t smooth enough.
Coming to the performances, Dev Kharoud has done an excellent job as Gandhi. I feel he’s a fine actor and should be given more chances in future. Kul Sidhu – was she even there in the film? Yes, she had 3 reaction shots and one scene with about 3-4 dialogues and she was the main lead!
Rest of the star cast which was pretty unknown did a descent to average job. A special mention for the guy who played Bhola. He was quiet brilliant. I think his real name is Jagjeet.
Overall, RGTG is a watchable film for the youth audiences especially the college going audiences. It could have been better had he screenplay been good and crispy enough to hold the film tighter.

Ratings: 2.5/5


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