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Movie Review: Stupid 7, Punjabi Movie

Story: Stupid 7 is a story of 7 crazy friends, all of them hailing from different family backgrounds. In an attempt to prove their mettle, they face some tough times with their families. The first half of the movie is full of comedy. You find yourself laughing to some awkward school and homely moments whereas the second half is all about emotions with a little space for comedy. The storyline up seems dragged during the beginning of second half, however it regains the momentum as it nears the climax. The movie ends on a tragic note, when one of the 7 friends shatters and takes the extreme step.

Music and Direction: Music is a weak point in the movie. You don’t find some out of the box efforts to make it more happening. However Pali Bhupinder Singh has done a decent job in the direction, the comedy scenes are shot way good, but some of the emotional scenes looked awkward on screen.

Acting: Acting will be a big plus point of the movie. The movie introduces seven new young faces and contrary to the fact they are new, they all have done great work on screen. The trio of Millind Gaba(Parry Sandhu), Pukhraj Bhalla(Sahab Singh Sodhi) and Karanjit(Udit Sharma) are way exceptional, their comical timing is superb. Other kids Guneet, Jasmeet, Saibi, Sukhman were impressive as well. It was a delight to watch their chemistry onscreen.  Guggu Gill, Jaswinder Bhalla and Razia Sukhbir too look charming on screen.

Verdict: The movie is a typical fusion of comedy and emotions. The movie is not just restricted to entertainment, but it addresses some social issues as well. To enjoy this movie, you should not only be comedy loving but also an admirer of meaningful cinema.

Rating: We give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

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  1. movie is good and simple but very long.Sound of the movie is good camera work is nice.

  2. super flop stage show, lowest quality, no impression. only to promote kids of some comedians and drama directors

  3. it a great movie good music and story

  4. movie is very good.good hard work

  5. nice movie deserves 2.5

  6. Nice movie and nice story … But end is too emotional ..and sadddd

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