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Mr. & Mrs. 420 Returns actress Avantika Hundal assures that the movie will make everyone laugh their hearts out !

Popular television actress and Punjabi film artist Avantika Hundal, who was last seen in Mr. & Mrs. 420 would also be seen in the sequel of this movie – Mr. & Mrs. 420 Returns. The movie is all set to release on this Independence day. Currently, Avantika Hundal is doing a popular daily soap which gets aired on Starplus.

In an exclusive interview with Punjabi Mania, she shared her experience of being a part of the sequel of the hit movie. Here are a few excerpts from her conversation with Punjabi Mania.

Q. Tell us something about the film and it’s storyline .

A. As everyone knows, this is the sequel of Mr. & Mrs. 420 and the storyline is similar to the part one . The love angle is the same. Last time also the couple couldn’t meet because the father wanted a well settled boy . Similarly, in the sequel also the boy and the girl are in love with each other but the father wants that the boy should be well settled if he wants to marry his daughter. So the story revolves around the planning that they do in order to convince the father and win his heart, and all chaos , confusion and problems that take place in the process of doing this .

Q. What character are you playing in the movie ?

A. My character is basically of a very simple college going girl who is in love with a boy and really wants to settle down with him.

Q. You are working with Jassie Gill for the second time. How has the experience been ?

A. It was good. It’s nice that he has evolved alot as it was his debut in the part one. I could see a lot of difference in him during the sequel. He is much groomed from the acting point of view. He has evolved alot and there has been a lot of transformation in him from part one to part two.

Q. People have very high expectations from the movie . What do you have to say about that ?

A. I’m very sure that people are going to enjoy much more than they enjoyed the first part. Because we know that we got so much of love and acknowledgement for the first part, we are putting in twice the efforts in terms of everything and we are coming with twice as much as that power.

Q. You have been a part of both the movies- the first part and the sequel, what has been the difference ?

A. In the sequel, I had a lot of time constraint due to the daily show that I do on starplus. We were on a very fixed schedule this time. In the first part it was not like this. We had more days and I spent more time there, so we enjoyed a lot more. But nevertheless, I had a lot of fun this time also.

Q. How was it working with Payal Rajput who is a new addition to the cast of the movie ?

A. Unfortunately, Payal and I did not have scenes together. We were together on the set once or twice . She is a sweet girl. We barely shot together.

Q. How was the experience of working with Ksshitij Chaudhary once again ?

A.Ksshitij ji is a very cordial director. It is very nice working with him . He has a good sense of humour so we make alot of improvisations on the set. I have a very good comfort level with him which I feel is really important as it reflects on the screen . He is very patient and adds a lot of flavour to the scenes.

Q. Do you think the movie will get the advantage of the Independence Day holiday ?

A. It’s a good date to release a movie because the first thing that comes to a person’s mind on a holiday is to go and watch a movie. And everyone loves comedy films because people want to freshen up their mind before going back to work. So I’m sure that this movie is going to be extremely refreshing for them and they are going to laugh their hearts out.

Q. You are doing TV and films both. What do you enjoy more?

A. It is very difficult to pick one as I like both. I am really inclined towards Punjabi films because i am a sardarni and that is my mother tongue. So I really feel happy when something good comes my way but it is really difficult to juggle as I’m doing a daily show on starplus which demands a lot of time. But I equally enjoy both the things and I love to do both.

Q. Tell us something about your future projects .

A. I am in talking terms with a few projects but the dates are always a constraint for me. But the show is on right now and if anything materializes I would let you know.

Q. How would you sum up your feelings for this film ?

A. I am super excited. I just hope that people love the sequel as much as they loved the first part . I hope that everyone goes out of the theatre just enjoying themselves.

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