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‘Nankana’ to release tomorrow amidst low limelight

‘Nankana’, Manjeet Maan’s third movie as a director, is all in readiness to hit the silver screen tomorrow, i.e., 06/07/2018. The movie will end a four-year long hiatus for her and her husband, the legendary Gurdas Maan. Similar to this one, Manjeet Maan’s last movie (‘Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar’) also starred Gurdas Maan in the lead role, even he hasn’t appeared on the big screen since then.

Apart from Gurdaas Maan, the movie stars Kavita Kaushik, Anas Rashid, Tarsem Paul, Gurmeet Saajan and others. Nankana will be the first of Kavita Kaushik’s two movies which are releasing on consecutive weeks, something you don’t see very often with a leading actress in the film industry. The movie will also mark the debut of Anas Rashid in the Punjabi film industry. Having played the lead role in famous TV series ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’, he looks all set to portray a different character on the celluloid. In an interview with Punjabi Mania, he revealed that he surrendered himself to the director for this role. Watch the video:


Nankana is a period movie which will depict the troubled period of 1941-1947. As the name suggests, ‘Nankana – Above The Religion’ is a movie which seems to oppose the radical views of a section of the society towards an individual who thinks otherwise. This thinking is expected to come handy even for the contemporary audiences. That being said, our concern of the movie being repetitious to the core might hurt its chances. The exact picture will only be clear upon watching the movie tomorrow.

The movie is produced by Jatinder Shah and Pooja Gujral under the banner of Shah An Shah Pictures and Seven Colors Motion Pictures. Shah, a virtuoso music director, has stepped in the production field for the first time ever. He has also worked on the music in the movie which after listening to its three songs doesn’t appear to match what one expects from someone of Shah’s stature. Pooja Gujral had also penned the script of the movie.

Rana Ranbir and Surmeet Maavi have written the screenplay and dialogues of the movie. Krishna Ramanan has worked as the cinematographer in the movie. Barring ‘Hanuman vs Mahiravana’, no other movie is releasing tomorrow. Something which would have undoubtedly worked in Nankana’s favor had Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Sanju’ had not released the previous week. The movie is likely to give tough competition to Nankana.

Another thing which might not work in the Punjabi film’s favor is the lack of limelight. The movie has been promoted at a very low scale, something which might affect its box-office collection. However, one name which might work for the movie is no one but Gurdas Maan himself. His fans must be eagerly waiting to see his sheer appearance in the cinema halls.

If you are planning to watch the movie tomorrow on in the days to come, do not forget to share your views regarding the same in our comments section. Watch the trailer below:

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