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Neeru Bajwa

Neeru Bajwa’s trinity of upcoming movies exhilarates the audiences

There is no hiding to the fact that no actress has ever dominated the cinema in the Punjabi film industry like Neeru Bajwa has done. In a career which will turn a decade and a half old next year, she has been part of numerous blockbuster movies. She is one of the very few actresses in this industry who has enjoyed the supplemental status of being a superstar.

As is often the case with many other greats in this business, Neeru Bajwa’s career graph also faced a slump, not in terms of the number of movies but in terms of them working at the box-office. And as is the case with the same people vis-à-vis making a comeback, Bajwa has also stood tall to make sure that a few failed projects in the past doesn’t affect her projects in the future.

Her comeback doesn’t revolve around a hiatus from the film industry for the last year when she didn’t have a release was way back in 2008. But as mentioned above, it revolves around the kind of movies that she has signed in the recent past, movies that are likely to be appreciated both critically and commercially.

Been praised for her role as Laachi in Amberdeep Singh’s ‘Laung Laachi‘ earlier this year, Bajwa is all in readiness to star in a trinity of movies, one of which will release this year and the other two next year. The news of her signing all these projects has left the audiences full of beans for it means that they will get to see Bajwa donning various coats in the next calendar year or so.

Aate Di Chidi‘, the first of the three movies, is all set for a Dussehra release, i..e, October 19. Directed by Harry Bhatti, the movie stars Amrit Maan in a lead role. The emotive title of the movie has it in it to attract a plethora of audiences to the cinema halls. In which will be another fresh pairing, Bajwa will also star opposite Tarsem Singh Jassar in Ksshitij Chaudhary’s Uda Adaa‘. The movie is being produced by Friday Russh Motion Pictures, makers of the acclaimed ‘Mr & Mrs 420’ series.

What has by far generated paramount buzz out of all these announcements is Bajwa’s fifth-time on-screen appearance opposite Diljit Dosanjh in Jagdeep Sidhu’s Shadaa‘. The release date for the same is May 24, 2019. Details of this movie haven’t been made public as yet but the fact that this pair will share the screen after four years in itself has started to make people wait for it.

Much like the audiences, we are also excited about Neeru Bajwa becoming part of these exciting projects. Here is wishing her lots of luck for the same.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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