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Nisha Bano on 'Aate Di Chidi'

Nisha Bano on ‘Aate Di Chidi’: “The story is based on NRIs who miss Punjab”

Nisha Bano on ‘Aate Di Chidi’: In an interview with Punjabi Mania, Nisha Bano spoke about her upcoming Punjabi movie named ‘Aate Di Chidi’.

‘Aate Di Chidi’, an upcoming Punjabi movie, is all in likeliness of teaching us cultural lessons on October 19. The movie is also being talked about highly due to the presence of a novel lead pair in Neeru Bajwa and Amrit Maan. Singer-turned-actress Nisha Bano will also be seen playing a vital role in the movie.

In an interview with Punjabi Mania, Bano spoke let out details about the movie, saying that the story will move around the NRIs, who despite living in the foreign countries for years, miss their native land in Punjab. “Punjab is known for its culture and deep-rooted values. Having said that, circumstances have changes over the years. The movie will predominantly touch some key elements which no longer find a place in the state.

“Moreover, there is huge Punjabi population across the world. Despite them living in overseas countries, there is no hiding to the fact that they still miss Punjab. The story will also revolve around those people, who have Punjab in their hearts despite living in foreign countries,” Bano was quoted as saying.

On being asked about her character in the movie, Bano said that she is playing her namesake in the movie. “My character has mostly been shot in Canada. My name in the movie is also Nisha. I am playing the role of a girl who has completed her IELTS to visit abroad. She also calls her husband to Canada and then other relatives visit her as well,” she added.

In which is director Harry Bhatti’s third Punjabi movie, it is his first with Bano. Answering about her experience of working with Bhatti, Bano said that it was a learning curve for her. “My experience of working with Harry Bhatti was really good. I learnt a lot from him. He pays a lot of attention to reactions and the overall performance,” she further added.

Before ending the interview, Bano also shared a special and unforgettable moment from the set of the movie. “On my birthday, I was shooting for the movie in Canada. Initially, I was a little upset for not being in India. But then, there was a family over there as well. Everyone was very friendly. All of them celebrated my birthday and made my day. I will always remember this birthday,” the singer-turned-actress said.

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