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Opinion: Is censor board right in banning Toofan Singh?

Come Friday and Toofan Singh is released worldwide except for India, where the Central Board of Film Certification popularly known as Censor Board has not given the certificate for public exhibition of the film. The film is about the life of Gurbaaz Singh aka Toofan Singh and is written by Baghal Singh.

In this column, I speak about Censor Board’s decision of not giving a certificate to this film. In no way, I intend to comment on the life of Gurbaaz Singh.

As a member of Team Punjabi Mania, I went and watched the first-day first show of the film and I come disappointed. I can’t stop but question the motive of the makers of this film, were they thinking to capitalize on a sensitive issue?

Let me tell beforehand I had no knowledge about Gurbaaz Singh’s life history, but after watching the movie I did some research online. And I was left appalled when I discovered the makers had twisted facts according to their convenience. Moreover, people don’t get bored of watching the film, they even had a comedian in it who had his funny moments here and there. I fail to understand the logic behind sensationalizing a sensitive subject. If you want to show the life of Gurbaaz why can’t it be free of drama?

And if you adopt such cheap tactics to sell a film, I am glad CBFC for once did something right.

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