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Alfaaz on Vadda Kalakaar

“Playing a character out of my natural self”, says Alfaaz on Vadda Kalakaar

Alfaaz on Vadda Kalakaar: The singer-turned-actor was vocal about the preparation for his character in his upcoming movie named ‘Vadda Kalakaar’.

In which will be the last release of the year 2018, debutant director Kuldeep Kaushik’s Vadda Kalakaar‘ will be hoping to close a groundbreaking year for the Punjabi cinema on a high. The movie will mark the return of singer-turned-actor Alfaaz on the celluloid after four and a half years.

In an interview with Punjabi Mania, Alfaaz expressed his excitement about the same. Asked about how his friends and family are reacting after watching him in an acting assignment after such a halt, he said, “They are always excited whenever any project of mine comes on TV. My mom doesn’t use YouTube, so she keeps on asking me the channel on which the song/promo will run.”

Vadda Kalakaar was announced in April this year. At that time, Alfaaz had indicated outright excitement with respect to the project. Eight months down the line, he laid emphasis on the level of excitement not dropping by an inch. “I am really excited because this is the first time that I have done something out-of-Alfaaz. A lot of people are saying that I don’t look like Alfaaz in the promos. I guess it is the biggest achievement for me,” he said.

“I think that i my earlier films I remained in the bubble of who I really am. However, this character demanded that innocence which I think audiences are liking. I wasn’t so sure about acting for it is not my forte but my director convinced me for this role,” he further said.

Acting in a period movie can prove to be tricky and so was the case with Alfaaz when it came to looking like an individual of the 80s. Apparently, it was his hairstyle which had to go through some changes for the movie. “Citing it to be a period movie, I had increased the length of my hair but then the producer thought of making this as a contemporary story. After I decreased the length, the idea of a period movie made a comeback.

I had to then use hair extensions which wasn’t an easy thing to do. We sat for eight hours to do it. You cannot wash your hair because the extensions can break. But it was the character of the demand, so it’s ok,” Alfaaz added.

Alfaaz admitted that he watched old movies like Ravinder Ravi’s ‘Badla Jatti Da’ to get a knack of those times. During the interview, he also conveyed pleasure at working alongside legends like Yograj Singh and Nirmal Rishi. Watch all of it in the video below:

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