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'Rang Panjab' Trailer review

‘Rang Panjab’ Trailer review: Suspended police officer turns rebel

‘Rang Panjab’ Trailer review: Punjabi Mania presents before you the full trailer review of upcoming Punjabi movie named ‘Rang Panjab’.

Just when you thought that an eventful 2018 is coming to an end for the Punjabi film industry, here is a domineering trailer of upcoming movie named ‘Rang Panjab’. Released only a couple of hours ago, the trailer is already receiving meritorious remarks.

Much of that is because of the ensemble cast of the movie which comprises of Deep Sidhu, Kartar Cheema, Ashish Duggal, Hobby Dhaliwal, Mahavir Bhullar, Jagjit Sandhu, Dheeraj Kumar, Baninderjit Bunny, Gurjeet Singh, Jagjeet Singh Bajwa, Karan Battan, Reena Rai and Kamal Virk.

Sidhu was last seen in Amardeep Singh Gill’s Jora 10 Numbaria‘ last year. Apart from him as the protagonist, Duggal and Dhaliwal were also seen in that commendable movie. Cheema, who completed a decade on the silver screen this year, will be seen playing the role of an antagonist in the movie. The presence of Sandhu and Kumar, a duo which has done several movies together, will up the ante as far as the acting in the movie is considered.

In Rai and Virk, the movie also stars two actresses. While the former will make her debut in Rang Panjab, the latter did it in Kavi Raz’s ‘Kande’ earlier this year.

The movie is based on a quintessential intimidating police officer who aims at cleaning the existent system of his state. Perhaps, it is the ungentlemanly politics around him which ends up suspending him from his job. However, a mere piece of paper in the form of a suspension letter doesn’t seem to disrupt his principles in life for turning into a rebel to fight against wrongdoings is his next ambition in life.

Played by Sidhu, the police officer will be seen delivering impact-generating punch lines in the movie. Credit to writer Gurpreet Bhullar for putting pen to paper dialogues which have become the boss of the movie. The one-liners have it in them to compel an individual to watch the movie in the cinema halls.

Rakesh Mehta, who had made his directorial debut with Vaapsi‘ (2016), has directed the movie. From the looks of the trailer, it gives an impression of being a much better project this time round. The fact that this genre of cinema is not prevalent in the Punjabi industry, it is a brave effort on the part of the makers to come up with such a project, starring numerous actors. That being said, given the first-rate trailer, one expects the movie to stand tall in all respects.

If you haven’t watched the trailer of the movie, watch it below and tell us what you feel about the same in our comments section:

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