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Rangrez Productions’ Rocky Sharma speaks about his journey

As viewers of movies and music videos, most of us are well aware of the artists whom we see on the screens day in and day out. Many of us categorize these artists on the basis of their performances and our personal preferences. We are so fantasized in our own ways by the artists on the screen that we forget that a lot also goes behind it.

There is no hiding to the fact that behind these sumptuous-looking music videos and the naturalistic sets of periodic films lies a lot of hard work which is carried out by the members of the production department. This piece will introduce you to one of those renowned line producers of the Punjabi cinema – Rocky Sharma.

Born and brought up in Amritsar, Rocky Sharma traveled to Chandigarh in search of work. In an interview with Punjabi Mania, he revealed that in his initial days, he went to Chandigarh in search of some modeling assignments.

“Whenever we used to go on shoots, the director over there would ask for money. At that point in time, I couldn’t afford to pay for it. It was then that my sister told me that to enter the production line. I started working as a coordinator initially. After some time, I used to handle the responsibilities of a production manager. I started working with Parmish (Verma) veera and then worked as a freelancer”, he said.

On being asked about his basic tasks as a line producer, Sharma told us that he was in charge of looking for new locations, casting and all the production related work on the sets.

Upon gaining the appropriate experience, Sharma announced his entrepreneurial skills with his maiden venture named ‘Rangrez Productions’. On being asked about the point at which he thought that he was ready to start his own venture, he answered, “There were several incidents when the directors didn’t put my name in the credits. I didn’t like it because it was me who had worked on those project. It was then when I realized that I should start my own line of work. Under Rangrez Productions, we have worked on over 100 songs and a handful of movies.”

Not able to pursue his dream of modelling originally, Sharma doesn’t deny that chance to budding models now. “I know what it feels like when you get ignored due to unavoidable circumstances. If I come across anyone who has that adequate knowledge and talent, I cast him/her without putting any conditions. I have myself worked in three songs as a model now.”

Having worked in Harjot’s ‘Chann Warga’ and Musafir Band’s ‘Chalde Bannage’ and another upcoming music video as a model, Sharma is all in readiness to work as an actor in a Punjabi movie, official announcement of which will be made soon. We, at Punjabi Mania, would like to wish him luck for all his projects in the near future and hope that other budding artists take a leaf out of his motivating book.

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