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Review: Parmish Verma’s tormenting ‘Shada’

Back in July 2017, when ‘Le Chakk Main Aa Gaya’ had released, most of us were of the viewpoint that Parmish Verma has sung a one-off promotional track for his debut movie ‘Rocky Mental’. Lesser did we know that what seemed as a one-off venture to us would turn out to be a regular line of work for him.

An ace video director and model, Verma undeniably has the potential of being a successful actor. But watching him sit on the throne of a singer is unambiguously beyond the pale. If ‘Gaal Ni Kadni’ was mere glittery, ‘Kache Pakke Yaar’ was a hawked number. ‘Shada’, his fourth single track, which has released some hours ago, has taken Parmish Verma’s singing abilities to a direction which is completely unalike of his aspirations.

The torturous nature of Shada has put to shame the scale of bad to worse for it has exceeded the limits towards the negative side in its true sense. The irritability after listening to his songs have increased manifold times post Shada. In a general run of things, songs are made to please the listeners for they are expected to do someone’s heart good at least for the time that they are being played, which is certainly not the case here.

Just like Parmish Verma’s last three songs (as a singer), a general tour d’horizon of Shada teaches us about its components in superabundant promotions, a well-thought-out marketable concept which entices his surplus fans, lyrics which are more of conversations, Desi Crew, Speed Records, A Parmish Verma Film and a woeful attempt by a soi-disant singer. What further disenchants a viewer is his cyclical steps in the video and ‘Paindi aa fer dhakk champion’. Someone alarmingly needs to communicate it to him that ‘Dhakk nahin pai rahi’.

Perhaps, it is high time for him to realise the purpose for which he is trying to protract his singing career. His recent record is evident enough that his inclination towards singing is taking a hit on the brand Parmish Verma, who was known for directing remarkable music videos. The Punjabi industry has enough capable singers (excluding him), but needs more directors like him in order to prosper.

If you haven’t watched the music video as yet, watch it below and tell us about your views regarding the same in the comments section:

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