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Review: Amrit Maan’s trending ‘Trending Nakhra’

Amrit Maan, the Bamb Jatt of the Punjabi music industry, has put forward his first single track of the year, ‘Trending Nakhra’. ‘Peg Di Waashna’, his previous single track which released in the last week of 2017, had inebriated fans with immediate effect. Trending Nakhra was released on the official YouTube channel of Bamb Beats, Maan’s own music label, day before yesterday. It is nowhere behind as compared to his previous song as it has received in vicinity of five and a half million views within a span of two days.

Watch the music video below and tell us about your views regarding the same in the comments section:

Trending Nakhra purveys Amrit Maan in a moderately different avatar. Not that he hasn’t sung songs of the romantic genre in the past, but this one has those supplementary elements of endearment in it where the song is only about the couple and not about superficial components in luxurious cars or vicious weapons.

This sweet-nature ability of the song ultimately falls down to its lyrics. Penned down by Amrit Maan himself, the lyrics do not provide an inch of opportunity for the video director to add anything inconsequential. Tru Makers, the brains behind the video, have done a commendable job in making Trending Nakhra what it isThe two respective scenes where two kids portray the role of the the couple is eminently adorable.

Intense has worked on the music in the song. His craft can be judged from the fact that despite Trending Nakhra being a romantic number, the beats have it in them to persuade an individual to the dance floor.

Ginni Kapoor, a prominent face in the Punjabi music industry, has played the lead role in the music video opposite Amrit Maan. As has been her record in the past, in Trending Nakhra, she has added another successful project to her list of acclaimed projects. The poise with which she has carried herself in the music video is worth taking one’s hat off to her.

If there is one shortcoming in the song, it is the tinkering done with Amrit Maan’s vocals. For someone whose vocals are considered to be in fine fettle, toying away with it has not seemed to be a great decision. Whether it was done to sync well with the romantic nature of the song or whether there was any other reason, it came as a turn-off, especially during the first hearing of it.

Watch our latest interview with Amrit Maan below:

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