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Review: Dilpreet Dhillon’s ‘Pre Wedding’, post his wedding

Dilpreet Dhillon, a famed name especially amongst the youth of Punjab, has released his first song of the year in ‘Pre Wedding’. The song was initially slated to release in January, but got delayed by over a month. The singer-turned-actor released the song on the official YouTube channel of Speed Records. At the time of writing this article, it has received in vicinity of seven lakh views and is trending at #7 on the same platform.

Often known as Dhilloan Da Munda, Dilpreet Dhillon was earlier esteemed for his hothead approach. His songs during his early days in the Punjabi music industry strongly supported this reputation. However, with songs like ‘Shreaam Apni’ and now Pre Wedding, he has proved that his craft isn’t only about swashbuckling songs.

These two romantic numbers have put forward in front of the audiences another facet of Dhillon’s personality. Just like the former in Shreaam Apni, Dhillon has delivered Pre Wedding with arrant commitment and punctiliousness. Right from his vocals to the way he carries himself in the video of the lovey-dovey Pre Wedding, he has been awe-inspiring. It is to be hoped that he nails the balancing game to perfection when it comes to doing songs of varying genres.

‘Sade Munde Da Vyah’, Dhillon’s last song, was also based on a wedding theme. That being said, it was more of a dance number, whereas, Pre Wedding is an out and out romantic track. Another resemblance from his last track is the music director in Desi Crew. It is another of those successful tracks where the duo of Goldy Kahlon and Satpal Malhi have not just worked on the music of the song, but, featured in its video as well.

The song has been penned down by Jaggi Sanghera, who has stood tall on all the expectations. The music video has been directed by Galaxy of Media.

In what has come out as the pinnacle of the music video is the chemistry between Dilpreet Dhillon and his real-life wife, Aamber Dhaliwal Dhillon. Seldom does one see a real-life couple sharing screen in the Punjabi industry. In which is an out of the common event, Dilpreet and Aamber have complimented each other exceptionally well in the video. The fact that the newly married couple has featured in a wedding-themed song has made it all the more congenial. Dilpreet’s fans would be wanting the couple to appear on screen more frequently for they have displayed an unmatched delight for the audiences.

If you haven’t watched the music video as yet, watch it below and tell us what you think regarding the same in the comments section:

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