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Review | Urban Zimidar | Jass Bajwa

Jass Bajwa, who rose to fame with tour de force tracks like ‘Chakvi Mandeer, ‘Tera Time’ and ‘Yaar Bamb’ has recently released his second music album ‘Urban Zimidar’. His first album, ‘Jatt Sauda’, was appreciated by the Punjabi demography living in India and overseas. Following what is more of a ritual in the Punjabi industry, the singer had turned into an actor earlier this year in his debut movie, ‘Thug Life’.

In this modern contemporary digital world, where the listeners have been converted into viewers, not many artists take the risk of releasing full fledged albums. In that aspect, one has to give full credit to Bajwa and the whole team of Urban Zimidar. The album has released under the banner of Speed Records. The music of the album has been directed by Deep Jandu and Gupz Sehra.

Below is a short summary of each song in the album:

1. Urban Zimidar – The first track, also the title song, of the album was released around two months ago. It was appreciated heavily by the public. The song has been written by Lally Mundi. The video was directed by Sukh Sanghera at a foreign location. Just like its name, it was an urban track.

2. Excuse Me – The video of the album’s second song, ‘Excuse Me’, was released earlier this month. It stars Bajwa and Preetixo. The lyrics of the song have been penned down by Lally Mundi. Bajwa’s voice has made the song mellifluous in nature and its effect is raised to another level with the video. The power of Preetixo to allure the audience has been wonderfully given a run down of in the video by Sukh Sanghera.

3. 12 Vise – This song has it in it to enter the playlist of the Punjabi people, predominantly the population living in the villages. Despite being based on the familiar story of an NRI girl and a Jatt boy living in a village, the song has an element of novelty in it.

4. Jattan De Jawak  This peppy track is likely to be well liked amongst the audience, especially the youth. It revolves around the rich and sumptuous lifestyle of the modern-day youngsters.

5. Gadiyan Ch Yaar – Two words which describe this song the best are cars and friends, and that (in a car alongside friends) is the atmosphere where this song is playing. Again, cars and friends are nothing new when it comes to the Punjabi music industry, but, this song has flavours of modernity and creativeness.

6. Jatt Party – Another of those songs in this album whose details can be guessed by its title. Written by Kulshan Sandhu, it is a party song, which will be the mostly played at marriage functions and parties.

7. Deputy – This track emphasises on the reach and goodwill of Jatts in it. It focuses on how some people, even after being less educated, do so much or can come in as an aid for so many people.

8. Chobbar – This track fulfils the vacancy of the mandatory fight song in a Punjabi music album. This song has been written by Vicky Dhaliwal.

9. Garari – Last but not the least, this song revolves around a renowned word-cum-slang in Punjabi, Garari. It narrates how the people of Punjab stand on their on a particular topic.

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