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Rhythm Boyz Entertainment – A tour de force enterprise!

Rhythm Boyz Entertainment, one of the leading production houses in the Punjabi industry, has a second to none strike rate when it comes to delivering both affluent and meaningful movies. What has led me to mention the term strike rate is Rhythm Boyz’s uninterrupted streak of coming up with movies which are liked by all sections of the society.

“An award-winning Canadian entertainment company, which handles production and distribution of films, music, concerts and tours.”

Perhaps, the bio on the company’s website paints its perfect word picture. Having entered the film industry with ‘Angrej’ (2015), the enterprise has given voice to six plutocratic movie since then. Six well-to-do movies in a span of less than three years drops down to the region of two movies per year. An unparalleled figure such as this, apart from being affluent for the company itself, is also a step in the right direction for the film industry as a whole.

Not laying too much significance on the monetary factor, what Rhythm Boyz has done the best is the unremitting cynosure on the quality of its content. Since the time of Angrej, its focal point of making movies has been of the highest order. Directed by Simerjit Singh, Angrej ended up being a trendsetter in the Punjabi industry. A periodical love triangle, the movie was followed a plethora of movies which referred to the historical Punjab.

The movie was followed by Rajiv Dhingra’s ‘Love Punjab’ (2016), which successfully depicted the journey of a family through various ups and downs. Alongside this journey, the movie also portrayed some general issues of Punjab in a way which was not off-putting to anyone. The movie was exemplary of the fact that light can be put on social issues in a satirical way which entertains the people and also leaves them with a message to take home.

Amberdeep Singh’s ‘Lahoriye’ was a critical and a commercial success.

Four and a half months down the line, Pankaj Batra’s ‘Bambukat’ hit the cinema halls, gaining a profusion of accolades and opulence. Additionally, the movie also stood tall in various award shows, winning a majority of awards. In 2017, Rhythm Boyz continued its spree of producing movies which the audiences looked up to and felt a connect towards.

If Amberdeep Singh’s ‘Lahoriye’ piled up the awards earlier this year, the decision of producing ‘Vekh Baraataan Challiyan’ (directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary), a movie which opposed superstitions in a country like India was both a bold and a victorious decision.

‘Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua’, Rhythm Boyz’s most recent release, has opened on a positive note at the box-office. The movie stood tall on the first two days, collecting in excess of INR 2 crores in East Punjab. After adding today’s collection, it is more than likely to surpass its budget. Any movie which recovers its money on the first weekend itself is expected to end up reaping a lot of profits for the producers.

Talking about the content of the movie, it is a lampoon made on the demonetisation which happened in 2016. Thus, adding another topic in the repertoire of the production house, who by this time is renowned for trying varying genres. A highlight of the movie was Amrinder Gill‘s (Bhola) dialogue, “Jadon bande ne lok hi kamaa laye, pher paise da mull ki bande naalon vaddh ho gaya?”. With the kind of movies that Rhythm Boyz has produced in the last three years, even it has certainly earned a plethora of followers.

It would be unfair to complete this feature without mentioning the name of Omjee Group, a renowned firm for distributing movies. Omjee Group has stood united with Rhythm Boyz since their entry into the Punjabi industry. This partnership holds the key behind the success of the above mentioned movies.

A production house such as Rhythm Boyz should persist with making similar movies in the future for the overall amelioration of the Punjabi film industry.

Watch the full movie public review of Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua below:

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