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Roopi Gill – An accomplished tyro

‘Accomplished’ and ‘Tyro’ – The above mentioned words might not fit right in the minds of many people due to their contradicting meanings. That being said, there is a personality who at this point in time carries both these words aptly on her. The personality being discussed is someone who lives in ‘Taareyan De Des’ and can ‘Scratch’ your ‘Khayal’ to give you a ‘Diamond’.

For people who still haven’t guessed her name, she is Rupinder Kaur Gill, alias Roopi Gill. What makes her accomplished is the time frame in which she has achieved all that she has. Call it an accomplishment or an unequalled achievement, Roopi Gill has indisputably entered the hearts of the Punjabi audiences. Despite her current stature, she will be seen in her debut movie as a tyro for there is no hiding to the fact that appearing in a song and acting in a movie involves two variant skill sets.

Born in Canada, Roopi had spent five years of her childhood in India living with her grandparents. It is this period of her life, which she feels was responsible for her being connected to her roots and most importantly helped her to learn Punjabi. In an exclusive interview with Punjabi Mania, she disclosed that she had inculcated acting as a hobby right from her early days. Watch the full interview:


The songs which have gained Roopi prominence in the Punjabi music industry are Karan Aujla’s ‘Yaarian Ch Fikk’, Prabh Gill’s Taareyan De Des, Gursewak Dhillon’s Scratch, Gurnam Bhullar’s Diamond and Mankirt Aulakh’s KhayalDiamond has been her biggest success so far, crossing the 100-million mark on YouTube. The fact that all these songs had released within a span of a couple of months speaks highly about the pace at which Roopi has come into commendation.

What has worked the best for Roopi on screen till now is her frolicsome and happy-go-lucky attitude. Her bonny face and a prepossessing demeanour also helps her in front of the camera.

It is this acclamation which has handed Roopi her debut movie, ‘Vadda Kalakar’. The movie will be directed by Kuldeep Kaushik. In the movie, Roopi will be seen playing the lead role opposite Alfaaz. Not revealing much about the movie, she told that her character in the movie will be of an innocent, cute, and a typical girl-next-door girl.

We, at Punjabi Mania, would like to this opportunity to wish Roopi Gill all the best for her upcoming movie. Watch the interview with the lead actors of the movie:

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