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‘Rubb Rakha’ to release on this Friday

So far, it has not been the best of journeys for Punjabi movie, ‘Rubb Rakha’. The biggest setback for the movie was that it wasn’t releasing in India initially. It was slated to release in the overseas markets on May 25. Having said that, the release of the film was delayed by a couple of weeks. The movie is finally set to hit the big screens on this Friday, i.e., June 8. In what came as a respite for the makers was the fact that the movie was successful enough to attract distributors in Punjab as well.

Minar Malhotra, who has directed ‘Lovely Te Lovely’ and ‘Dulla Bhatti’ in the past, is directing his third movie in Rubb Rakha. The trailer of the movie was released more than a month ago on the official YouTube channel of Raag Music. At the time of writing this article, it has received over a million views on the same platform.

Rubb Rakha will also mark the comeback of Surjit Khan in Punjabi movies after a hiatus of almost six years. Apart from him, the movie stars Pooja Thakur, Malkeet Raouni, Gurpreet Bhangu, Dasounda, Gurpreet Ghooly, Simran Kaur, Harjit Bhullar and Dr. Bhurji. Avtar Gill has put pen to paper as far as the script of the movie is conerned.

It is evident from the trailer of the movie that it is based on some pressing matters prevailing in out society. The movie is expected to cover the topics of debt of farmers and how it affects their families. It is this debt which forces Surjit Khan to go abroad. But going to a foreign country isn’t the answer to the problem for it has in it a different set of problems.

Apart from the movie exclusively releasing overseas, another factor which might affect the business of the movie is Carry On Jatta 2‘. The movie was released last week and since then has escalated to unprecedented paradigms. Having already earned a hefty amount from the overseas markets, it is expected to continue the same in its second week as well.

If you plan to watch the movie tomorrow or in the upcoming weekend, don’t forget to tell us about your views regarding the same in our comments section. Watch the trailer:

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