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Saab Bahadar – A Game Changer in Punjabi Cinema

We, the Punjabi Cinema enthusiasts have always looked forward to a different kind of film in Punjabi Cinema, be it a Jatt & Juliet which changed the rules of how we looked at the Box Office figures of Punjabi Films or be it Jatt & Juliet 2 which dismissed the myth that Punjabi films cannot have sequels and audiences do not turn out to see the same characters again and again.

Also, the rules were changed again a year later when a serious film by the name of Punjab 1984 came and conquered the hearts of the audiences. And a year later, the myth the Punjabi Films can only do business within a specified limit was also broken when the historic Rs. 2 Crore mark was broken by a film called Sardaarji and the Rs. 2.5 Crore mark another year later by it’s successor titled Sardaarji 2.

So what is a common factors in the above mentioned game changers except Diljit Dosanjh? The common factor if you have not guessed till now, is White Hill Production now known as White Hill Studios. White Hill is known to set new benchmarks in Punjabi Cinema and they have changed the rules of the game called Box Office year by year with 2017 being no exception.

White Hill Studios in 2017 has made a film which is completely different in the form of Saab Bahadar which is completely different and out of the box idea from a regular light-hearted family entertainers. Saab Bahadar is a thriller and what worked in the favour of the film was the acceptance of the audiences for cinema which they are not used to watching on a regular basis.

Talking about the liking of the film by the audiences worldwide, Param Oberoi, the CEO of White Hill Studios said, “We tried to make a film which is very different from what people are used to watching in Punjabi Cinema and we are proud of our whole team who put in all their efforts to make a different kind of a film for the audiences. Also on behalf of the whole White Hill team I would like to thank the audiences for coming out in large numbers and watching and liking Saab Bahadar.”

Saab Bahadar hit cinemas worldwide on May 26 and since then the only thing which we have heard for the film is good appreciation and a bold and different film in Punjabi Cinema which is actually different. Also this film is Ammy Virk’s 5th Super Hit film in a row making Ammy Virk’s streak of 5 out right winners at the Box Office something which has never been seen in Punjabi Cinema before by any lead actor/actress.

So, in case you have not yet had the time to see Saab Bahadar, you can go check it out in a cinema near you.

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