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Sardar Mohammad – A musical hit thus far

Harry Bhatti’s impending movie, ‘Sardar Mohammad’, is all set to release on this Friday, i.e., the 3rd of November. By the looks of the trailer, the movie appears to be a heart-warming journey of the lead actor in Tarsem Jassar, who travels to Pakistan in search of his lost identity. The trailer of the movie has received a flattering feedback.

The movie has been made by the makers of Jassar’s debut movie, ‘Rabb Da Radio’, which was released earlier this year. Whether Sardar Mohammad will match (or prevail over) Rabb Da Radio in terms of the critically acclaimed reviews or box-office collections, only time will tell. Having said that, one facet of the movie which has already matched its expectations is the music of the movie.

The songs of the movie have been penned down by Jassar, himself, Kulbir Jhinjer and Narinder Bath and have been sung in the voices of Jassar and Jhinjer. Musically directed by R Guru, each of the five released songs of the movie have been accepted gleefully by the audience. If you’ve missed any of the songs, here is your chance to listen to it as well as read in brief about it:

1. ‘Yaari’ – When it comes to playing a song in a car, this one is ruling the charts these days. Based on friendship and the asools of Jassaran Da Kaka in the movie, the song has become a popular one amongst the youth of the Punjabi demography. It has received close to five million views on YouTube as of now.


2. ‘Pind’ – Written and sung by Jhinjer, this ballad is a must watch for people who live outside of their native places to receive education or to earn a living. The lyrics of the song have been written parallel to the reality. The song is expected to share a crucial space in the movie. It has received close to four million views on YouTube as of now.


3. ‘Single Double’ – It is another of those songs, which is written and sung by Jassar. This is a romantic track which is likely to come in handy for couples who are newly married or about to get married. The songs also features Mandy Takhar, who will be seen doing a special appearance in the movie. It has received above three million views on YouTube as of now.


4. ‘Sardar Mohammad’ – The title track of the movie goes hand in hand with the genre of the movie. Written by Jassar, it speaks a lot about the modern-day issues around religion. Its main line, ‘Ikk maalak de bachche han, ki sardar te ki mohammad’, conveys a profound message in itself. It has received close to one and a half million views on YouTube as of now.


5. ‘Maa’ – Written by Bath, this song is another testament as to why he is one of the leading lyricist of the Punjabi music industry. The lyrics throw light on the relationship of a son and his mother, which is worth its weight in gold. It has received more half million views on YouTube as of now.

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