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Sardar Sohi on 'Aate Di Chidi'

Sardar Sohi on ‘Aate Di Chidi’: “It’s a sugar-coated period of teaching”

Sardar Sohi on ‘Aate Di Chidi’: Veteran actor Sardar Sohi was vocal about his upcoming movie named ‘Aate Di Chidi. Releases on October 19.

Director Harry Bhatti’s Aate Di Chidi‘ is less than a week away from its release now. From Amrit Maan’s live stage shows across the state to studio interviews to frequent release of the songs of the movie, the movie’s drum is being banged in the best possible manner.

The movie stars Neeru Bajwa, Amrit Maan, Sardar Sohi, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol, Nisha Bano, BN Sharma, Anmol Verma, Harby Sanga and Nirmal Rishi in vital roles.

In an interview with Punjabi Mania, long-serving actor Sardar Sohi made public the reason behind the unique title of the movie, his experience of working with Harry Bhatti for the second time, about his character and the commercial element of the movie. “Aate Di Chidi is a symbolic name. In our times, my grandmother used to make an aate di chidi (bird-shaped piece of flatbread) for me. She would then recite me stories regarding that bird, saying that it flies and things like that. While I used to enjoy playing with the bird, she would cook food for the whole family. Aate di chidi is a character of our society, especially of the years gone by,” he said about the derivation of the title of the movie.

“Just like our ancient values, the modern contemporary society has forgotten all those things as well. Apart from the archetype bird, the word bird is also related to our daughters. Albeit in different ways, the common factor between both the birds is that our society kills them both.

“A major half of our youth has been immersed in the quagmire of drugs. Another half has migrated to foreign countries. If all our educated students will travel abroad, from where will Punjab get doctors and engineers for its needs. The title of the movie is a signal towards the ancient Punjab, which was more healthy, wealthy and beautiful than the current one,” Sohi added.

On being asked about working with Bhatti for the second time round, Sohi was quoted, “I have earlier worked with Bhatti in ‘Sardar Mohammad‘ last year. He is one of my favorite directors. He has a long-term vision for directing movies. He is not someone who is directing movies just for the sake of it. With the medium of his films, he aims at giving a social message every single time.”

In his elongated line of work, Sohi has predominantly done negative and comic roles in movies. Explaining about his character in this movie, he said, “I have a fantastic character in the movie. It was my dream of portraying such a character on-screen. Seldom do you see the character actors get such a crucial role. The story of Balraj Sahni’s movies used to revolve around his character. My character in the movie will move on those lines, it is the focal point of the movie.”

Sohi laid special mention on the fact that his words might make Aate Di Chidi sound like a very serious project. Quashing this possibility to some extent, he informed us that the movie is high on its commercial element not a mere sermon. “We do not intend to lecture the audiences or not that people will only shed tears in the cinema halls. In BN Sharma, Karamjit Anmol and Gurpreet Ghuggi, we have actors who will bust the audiences to laughter in the movie.

“It’s a complete entertainer. The music of the movie is of a rich quality and has been doing well for the last few days. The viewers won’t get bored inside for the commercial aspect of the movie is well taken care of. Aate Di Chidi is a sugar-coated period of teaching,” he further added.

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