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Sonam Bajwa – The Ultimate Fashion Diva of Punjabi Cinema

Sonam Bajwa has been on a career high with her last few releases doing well at the box office and 3 sure-shot blockbuster looking films all set to release this year. However, today we talk about the other side of Sonam Bajwa, the fashionable side.

Sonam Bajwa has been quite fashionable ever since we have known about her presence. After all, she’s a former Miss India contestant. Sonam has been always known for her choice of outfits she wears in her films or even at promotional events for films. However, today we discuss about a Photoshoot series which Sonam did in Montreal last year.

TV Land, the cable channel with a line up of “vintage” show but another side of the glamorous Sonam Bajwa, sets a trend which is totally new to go!

Dressed in astounding outfits from Mani Jasal, an emerging fashion designer from Canada, she rocks it all.

Twice a year fashion week turns media attention to runways, bright lights, style heavy-hitters and off course, to-die-for collections. But she is up with something amazing and awesome!

Everyday say by a girl: ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ but believe me making this gorgeous diva your style icon will never fail you. Summers to Winters and Spring to Autumn she knows it all. Girly to sassy and Raw to Slay she gets that all!

That innocence of her eyes grabs many of your hearts and those eye lashes with the mascara kills them all.

Walking down the lane just like ‘Devil wears Parada’

You’ll get no arguments from the most frrveng detractor. A coat in Chicago is a necessity but she showed up in a nude shade coat in her latest photo shoot pictures. And to that she has to say ” When winters arrive”

Sonam Bajwa will next be seen in Manje Bistre which releases on April 14 followed by Super Singh which releases on June 9.

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