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Roopi Gill – An accomplished tyro

‘Accomplished’ and ‘Tyro’ – The above mentioned words might not fit right in the minds of many people due to their contradicting meanings. That being said, there is a personality who at this point in time carries both these words aptly on her. The personality being discussed is someone who lives in ‘Taareyan De Des’ and can ‘Scratch’ your ‘Khayal’ to give you a ‘Diamond’. For …

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Alfaaz, Roopi Gill starrer Vadda Kalakar Announced

There is no doubt in saying that the Punjabi film industry had started doing new experiments from last few years. Punjabi Cinema has given great hits made on various issues. One such movie with a very unique idea which is different from the main stream movies is brought to you by Parul Katiyal films and Red Castle Motion pictures. Today …

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