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The Dichotomy Of Hope Is a Must See Motivational Short This Season

How many of us are happy with the work we do? How many of us feel our occupation as a bliss? How many of us feel excited to do any activity related to our job? How many of us are actually living or dreams by doing the job? What would you do if your dream will not help you to earn materialistic desires?

Number of such questions arise in your mind which will make make you question yourself that ‘Are you really living your dreams?’. In the recently released motivational short film, directed by Ojaswee Sharma, Gurdiyaal reflects on the last 25 years of his career to choose either the life of an artist or to earn materialistic desires. Gurdiyaal, not only let fall the comfort and perks of a job but also loses his family in order to change the perspective of the society and the strata of artists.

The short film overall boasts off great performances from the artists and especially the use of black and white layers in the movie symbolizes the two sides that we all have, where a part of you wants to pursue your passion and the other wants to be more rational.

There are times when you have to choose between these two. As it is said, If a bird wants to learn flying, it has to leave the nest and “HOPE ANCHORS THE SOUL”.

About The Dichotomy of Hope

Dichotomy of Hope is a short film based on difference of opinion between beliefs and desires, which presents some unique challenges for both mind and heart. The stage where the heart knows what he wants and struggles to achieve its desire at any cost and brain tries to deviant the path knowing facts about the possibility and likelihood of future events, this movie is about the diversity or redeeming the original self, but more about the creation of the new-self. Once the dichotomy is established, it might be tempted to show the ways of achieving the great meaning. This everyday conflict that one encounters needs to recognize the dichotomy of hope and opportunity.

Dichotomy of hope is creation of Ojaswwee Sharma featuring Gurpreet Sarwara and the voice of Ramandeep Singh, produced and designed by Pinaka Mediaworks headed by Sunil Sharma.

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