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The Industry Stands United For A Drug Free India

The drug malady is an important issue that needs to be dealt in a serious manner due to the current scenario of our society. The youth of the nation is widely indulging in substance abuse and this is not only harmful for their health and their lives, but it poses a serious threat to the well being of the whole nation. Time and again, many celebrities and public figures have tried to raise their voice against this menace and bring awareness in the citizens. Regular seminars, meets, drives and rallies are conducted to deal with this disease that is eating up the society from within.

Many films like Udta Punjab and many songs have already been made, both in Bollywood and in the Punjabi industry as an attempt to eradicate drug abuse from the society. This time the industry has joined hands to decrease the substance abuse not only in Punjab but in the whole country. Celebrated personalities from Punjabi Industry, Bollywood and the Television industry have come together to be a part of this project. Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from Art of Living has taken up an initiative to eradicate drug abuse from the country and many celebrities including Gurdas Maan, Sanjay Dutt, Kapil Sharma and Badshah have joined hands with him for this initiative.

Gurdas Maan has been working for this issue since a long time and he has also released albums like ‘Punjab’, which are primarily based on the drug problems in the society. Sanjay Dutt is a living example to the people who want to quit drugs as Dutt has come out strong after overcoming his drugs addiction. Kapil Sharma has also been actively speaking about this issue after his comeback and Badshah has always spoken against drugs and has always motivated the youth to make the country free from drugs.

These four men along with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji recently attended an event at the Chandigarh University to give out this strong message to the youth. This event was webcasted and witnessed by more than 60,000 young girls and boys. At the event, many young people also took a pledge to never indulge into drugs. The slogan of the initiative is “Drugs Na Karoonga, Na Karne Doonga!”.

The stars took it to their social media handles to share this news. It was an energetic launch to the campaign. This is only the beginning of this initiative. Many events and drives will be conducted throughout the country to bring awareness in the people. It is heartwarming to see so many celebrities working for the country, using their influential power to bring the youth on the right path, inspiring the people and making India drug free!

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