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Theatrical Trailer: Wake Up Singh, Punjabi Movie

Theatrical Trailer of Punjabi Film Wake Up Singh, starring Gagandeep Singh, Vikram Kumar, Manmeet Singh, Simpi Singh. Releasing on 26 Feb 2016.

Wake up Singh is a family drama about the increasing culture of drugs in the youth of Punjab. Gursevak Singh belongs to a religious upper class Sikh family who lives the life of an ideal son and is popular amongst his friends in college.

One of Gursevak’s friends gets into the habit of consuming drugs, supplied by drug dealer Bunty. His addiction leads to his death and Gursevak is deeply disturbed and pledges to take revenge from Bunty by destroying all his drug selling points. During a gang war he loses his voice. The religious values and support from his father keep him going and he devotes his time for sewa in the Gurudwara. He is blessed by the gurus and goes back to his mission of a drug-free Punjab.

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