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Tiger Shroff makes entry into active lifestyle business

Actor Tiger Shroff has forayed into the active lifestyle business space with the brand PROWL.
The brand is jointly created and owned by Tiger and Mojostar. This is the first brand launch, for Mojostar, which is creating a house of lifestyle brands with celebrities, read a statement.
PROWL is a brand targeting young consumers who lead a high activity lifestyle, and are constantly on the move.
It aims to provide functional yet highly stylish clothing and accessories to fit the target consumer’s active lifestyles.
“I am a part of creating this brand and it feels great to be involved with everything and at every stage. This brand is a reflection of my identity and this is how I live. I love to be active through the day, which is why I want to wear something that is stylish, looks good, and yet gives me the freedom of uninhibited movement,” said Tiger.

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